Trainer Lindsey’s Ultimate Guide to Macros

Learn How Macro Tracking Can Help You Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle & Enjoy Nutritional Freedom

Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone up, gain muscle, or maintain your ideal body, it’s no secret nutrition is the MOST important part of getting you there. But some struggle with knowing what exactly IS the best way to do that; I know I did.

When I finally figured out what my body needed to change and perform, it was a game-changer. With macro-tracking I learned how much protein my muscles need to grow, how many carbs I need for energy and brain function, and how much fat is optimal for more

I’m so excited to teach you this method! My guide will teach you what you need to know about macronutrients, how to figure out your numbers, give you lots of food ideas, AND real-life application examples to show you how it works for EVERYONE.

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Counting calories is a great start to achieving any fitness-related goal; but it isn’t always the most optimal. If you are a woman trying to lose body fat, eating 1500 calories a day of mostly processed carbs and very little protein, you won’t see the results you could if you incorporate more protein, healthy carbs, and fats.

Learning to track macronutrients specific to your body’s needs and goals is just slightly more detailed than counting straight calories and can provide significantly better results. And ANYONE can do it.

With my Ultimate Guide to Macros, you can learn everything you need to know to tackle your fitness goals or just maintain with everyday healthy foods and the occasional treat meal mixed in.

I have found my ideal body through tracking macros and know that anyone can sustain results doing the same. This is NOT a “fad diet,” though there has been TONS of buzz around it. Tracking your macros fueling your body in the right way to achieve optimal results!