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Business Partnership

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Hugh Ainsworth

Head of B2B - Ideal Brands


Mobile: +1-385-323-0650

Why IdealFit?

We are a sports nutrition line designed by women—for women.

Our continuous improvements to quality, taste, and the overall supplement profile make our products different than any other supplement line out there—women’s or not!


Each ingredient is specifically selected to contribute to our unique, high-quality products. We conduct extensive flavor research and development to give our customers the best-tasting supplement out there!


As the fastest growing female sports nutrition brand, we focus our efforts on developing new products that fit the needs of our customers.

Since we grew 1955% from September 2015 to January 2016, we validated our new product developments, flavor profiles, and unique formulas used in our supplements.

We have continuously grown at above a 300% compound annual growth rate. We believe this is because we continuously test and validate our new product profiles, formulas, and improve our processes.


Our product range is geared toward women’s performance, so we specifically focus on the following categories:

  • Lean Protein Powder—80 calories and 20 grams of protein
  • BCAAs
  • Pre-workouts—stimulant and stimulant-free 
  • Supplementation—fat burners, vitamins, joint and muscle health

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Not only do we create the best supplement line designed specifically for women—we create and design first-class women’s active wear.

We use market trends and customer feedback to design our trendy, high-quality IdealFit clothing. We have less than a 5% return rate and 1.2% complaint rate—we believe that this shows how premium our clothing line is in the eyes of consumers.

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What’s in it for you?

Our products have been proven to fill the needs of the active female consumer. Carrying the IdealFit line in your gym, fitness boutique, supplement store, or studio will give you the ability to generate an additional high-margin revenue stream. 

 You can also know that your customers are buying a high-quality product that they will want to reorder and rebuy on a regular basis.

“Sports Nutrition Made by Women—For Women”