What is L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a big role in helping you build a strong, happy, healthy body! L-Glutamine supports optimal post-workout recovery, helps optimize digestion, and supports a strong immune system.

Even though it’s produced by your body and can be obtained from certain foods, you might not be getting enough to meet your needs, especially if you’re working out regularly! If you’re living an active lifestyle and working hard toward reaching your fitness goals, an L-Glutamine supplement can help provide that edge you’re looking for.

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L-Glutamine Benefits

An L-Glutamine supplement can replenish your depleted glutamine stores right after a tough workout, helping to promote a quicker recovery and to fast track your lean muscle-building and fat loss goals! An L-Glutamine supplement can also help promote greater fat burning and can combat digestive issues.

A good L-Glutamine supplement will provide at least 5g per serving, and should be just L-Glutamine and nothing else. You don’t need any extra calories or added sugars, and you definitely don’t want an L-Glutamine supplement filled with artificial ingredients and chemicals! When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, don’t sell yourself short with lesser supplements. You deserve nothing but the best!

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Support Your Fat Burning Efforts

Coupled with effective workouts and good nutrition, an L-Glutamine supplement can help support an effective fat burning environment! Studies show that L-Glutamine can help to optimize HGH levels, promoting greater lean muscle mass and less fat. This, in turn, promotes an increased resting metabolic rate to help you burn more calories throughout the day! Additionally, L-Glutamine also supports glucose metabolism, helping to prevent fat storage!

Support Lean Muscle

An L-Glutamine supplement promotes new muscle growth and helps to preserve your existing lean muscle mass! After a tough workout your L-Glutamine levels can be severely depleted, leaving your muscle mass open to being broken down. An L-Glutamine supplement helps to replenish your diminished glutamine levels, helping to kick start protein synthesis and fast track the recovery process!

Promote Good Digestion

L-Glutamine is an important amino acid for strengthening and reinforcing the intestines, as well as contributing to overall gut health. An L-Glutamine supplement provides support for gastrointestinal wellness and helps to reduce intestinal inflammation. This helps to combat stomach issues while promoting optimal digestive function, so that you won’t be slowed down by tummy troubles!

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