HopeScope’s 10 Day Summer Body Guide

Take your fat burn to the next level and achieve that killer summer body you’re after with this amazing 10-day guide. Complete with workouts and delicious meal plans packed with tasty recipes to help you lose weight and get toned!

HopeScope’s 10-Day Summer Body Guide eBook

In this 10-day eBook, you’ll get challenging workouts combining strength training (Sculpt Days) and HIIT cardio-focused workouts (Burst Days), which work together to strategically attack that stubborn fat and help you build a toned body! You also get an absolutely delicious meal plan that includes some of my all-time favorite recipes for yummy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even some scrumptious snacks! If you’re ready to see results and finally get that summer body you’ve been working for, then you need this eBook!

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