What is the 15 Day Fit Model Fitness Challenge

I’ll give you everything you need to feel like a fit model:

Are you ready to build your confidence like a fitness model? This is your chance to learn my way to improve your fitness and feel amazing in your own skin. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey--Fit Model Fitness can work for you.

  • Free Training, Coaching, and Support
  • My Personal Tips for Confidence in Body and Mind
  • Free Meal Plans That are Simple and Yummy
  • Free Workouts Designed to Build a Fit Body and Boost Confidence
  • Free Access to ME, Karina Elle, for All Your Questions
  • And SO much more!

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Karina sitting on the beach with IdealFit shaker

Why is my Fit Model Fitness Challenge different?

15 Day Fit Model Fitness Challenge is different from other fitness challenges because it focuses on building the confidence you need to feel like a fit model all the time. And when you feel great, you look great. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a “model” body--I will help you have a fit body, with the confidence you need to look and feel amazing in your daily life. Fit Model isn’t a look, it’s a lifestyle.


You won’t be doing this alone. The Fit Model community will be there for you… and so will I!

As a fitness model and trainer, I know that looking amazing is a big goal for tons of girls out there. But in my own life and as a wellness coach, I’ve learned that looking good is only half the package of a fit model. You also need confidence and comfort in YOUR body!

That’s why I’m excited to introduce my Fit Model Fitness Challenge. Any girl can do this, no matter what stage of fitness you’re at or how busy your life is. I provide all the support you need, and our amazing online community of women helps you every step of the way.

You CAN reach your fitness goals… and you CAN become the confident girl you want to be with the Fit Model lifestyle.