Introducing Clear Vegan Protein

Clear Vegan is our game-changing vegan protein powder! With 10g of high quality pea protein, zero fat and sugar and only 50 calories per serving - Clear Vegan is a light, fruity, vegan protein alternative to traditional creamy shakes.

Key Benefits of Clear Vegan Protein Powder

With the power of 10g of high-quality pea protein, Clear Vegan is the perfect post workout shake, without the gritty texture.

It tastes great too, with two refreshing flavors — Tropical Mango and Pear Ginger. And, if that wasn’t sweet enough, they’re naturally sweetened with stevia leaf and monk fruit.


How Do I Use Clear Vegan Protein Powder?

We recommend adding 1 scoop of vegan protein powder to approximately 10 to 12oz of cold water and shake well to dissolve the powder.

Allow 1-2 minutes for the natural foaming to settle after shaking and enjoy your protein drink. You can adjust the amount of water to find your preferred concentration.