Girl, Your Fitness Is Fierce!

your fitness is fierce

Ladies, how do you feel about your fitness?

These days with everything we are bombarded with on social media, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by society’s views of what is considered beautiful, or fit for that matter.

But, the thing you need to remember is that every one of you is unique and different, and each of you also have a different level of fitness.

It’s not fair to set one standard for everyone, saying this is the level of fitness and health that every person needs to reach. That’s just not realistic.

So I want each of you to feel empowered by your own individual health and fitness, and know that each of you are strong and beautiful!

Because girl, your fitness is fierce!

How to define your fitness

Physical fitness is more than just your appearance, despite all the photos we scroll through everyday of washboard abs and chiseled muscles. Your fitness is actually measured by four different categories.

Muscular Strength and Endurance

Kaytlin recovering after exercising

There are two components in this category, strength and endurance. Your muscular strength relates to how much power you can use to lift heavy objects. Muscular endurance is how long your muscles can contract and continue to do so over a period of time.

The way to build up either one of these is add in weight training to your fitness routine. And remember, lifting weights will not make you bigger or bulky, but stronger and lean! So don’t fear the weights, and definitely don’t skip them!

-To build up your muscular strength, you need to lift with heavier weight and do less reps.

– To increase your muscular endurance, you need to use lighter weights and do more reps.

Gradually, the two will work together, and you will notice your fitness and strength hitting new levels of fierce! Just start with lighter weight, and work your way up to it!

You got this girl!

Aerobic Fitness

Kaytlin Fighting After Injury

Yeah, yeah… we all hate the necessary evil of cardio. Trust me, I dread it sometimes too!

However, cardiovascular health is a major key component when it comes to your fitness. Plus, it feels great to get that heart and blood pumping and break a sweat!

Any type of cardio works, it’s just up to you what you feel works best! The possibilities are endless too.

You can go running for a few miles in your neighborhood, or jog on a treadmill. Hiking, rowing, or even a good boxing session can get your heart rate up! HIIT workouts are always great too, and are only usually short, intense 20 minute routines.

Whatever cardio you choose, you can’t lose! It’s good to change things up too, and not consistently do the same routine. Adding in new things is always a good way to avoid plateauing and becoming bored with your fitness.



Flexibility is more than just being able to touch your toes, or do a full split (even though that’s always super impressive, let’s be honest!)

Your fitness is dependent on how flexible your muscles and joints are, because this helps you avoid injuries, pain, and stiffness.

So how can you become more flexible? Here are some easy ways to do it:

  • Stretch properly after a brief warm-up and after your workout as well. Be sure to never stretch cold muscles!
  • Try adding in some yoga into your week, which helps you build up your core strength, as well as your flexibility. Plus, the meditative benefits are great too!
  • Do some light stretching first thing when you wake up in the morning. This will not only help you wake up easier, but it will also gradually make you more flexible.

Body Fat Composition

Girl weighing herself on a scale

I know, we all cringe a little when we think about body fat. But just like I explained earlier, each of you is different and each of your bodies are different; so your body fat composition will not be the same as everyone else to be considered fit and healthy.

In order to determine your body fat composition and your healthy weight range, there are a few things you can do.

You can use the Body Mass Index (BMI) formula, which helps you see your weight compared to your height and determine if it is in a healthy range. This does not necessarily give you an accurate idea of your body fat, but it helps give you a better view of your overall weight and what your goals may need to be.

If you want to determine your body fat composition, you can have a professional either at your gym or your doctor’s office use a Skin Caliper or do a body fat measurement test. They will be able to give you the most accurate results.

Knowing your body fat composition isn’t meant to be a negative thing, or something that deters you from working on your fitness. It’s always good to know where you are health-wise, and it gives you a good perspective on your fitness goals!

you are fit and fierce


I want you to remember that you are strong, fit, and fierce! It’s not about what you look like, it’s about how you feel! If you are feeling confident and healthy, then your whole life will be impacted in a positive way!

Find the motivation you need to push your fitness to the next level, and to get yourself to your goals! If it’s cute workout clothes that inspire you to hit the gym, then girl definitely go do some retail therapy! If you just want to feel stronger and able to be more active, then let that be your ‘why’ behind your next set of squats or your last 10 reps of curls.

Like I explain here, there are different body types and therefore, different ways to lose weight and fat, and to exercise for those bodies! Every one of you is different and unique, and you can’t compare what is healthy to you and your fitness, to what may be fit for someone else.

Your fitness is fierce ladies!

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