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Why You Need A Gym Squad

Squad goals: Do you have any?

I’m not talking Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, not even Beyoncé or RBG (although that combo would be AMAZING). I’m talking about your gym squad specifically.

The people you work out with, the friend who shows up early to save you a bike in spin class, the one you trust your gym selfies to, who cheers you on through that last rep and doesn’t judge when you wear your smelly, saggy, old sports bra, a valued and trusted pal who talks you down off that pint-of-Ben-and-Jerry’s ledge, the person who actually cares if you text them just to tell them you said “no thanks” to fries at lunch… you get the idea.

Your gym squad, your people, your fitness tribe, your support system. WOLF PACK!

A group of women walking to the gym

We all need that person (or persons), ESPECIALLY when it comes to health and fitness.

“In my 10 years of experience evaluating what creates long-term health-and-fitness success, the single most important factor is having a support system,” says Wayne Andersen, MD, cofounder and medical director of Take Shape for Life, a nationwide health and lifestyle coaching program.

Let’s look at the bigger picture:

Research conducted at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina showed that people who did not have strong social support were 50% more likely to die from illness than those who had such support.”

A little morbid, sure, but relevant and sobering all the same.

The point is that it can’t be a diet or some sort of half-hearted effort at getting healthy and fit. Diets don’t work and the truth is that most people stop going to the gym 90 days or less after they start. It’s a vicious cycle and one that’s repeated far too often for most people.

Don’t let that be you!

The only way to be truly successful is to change your lifestyle, and that’s only going to happen if you have the right support system in place.  

Need more convincing?

Read on for 6 solid reasons why you need to find your own gym squad support system NOW!

Two women doing an at-home workout together

1. There’s strength in numbers!

Humans are social by nature. There’s a reason we have families, friends, and relationships. There’s confidence to be found in a trusted group of people who always have your back no matter what the setting or situation and especially when it comes to health and fitness. Sharing your goals, your successes, and your struggles and failures too, can be a huge motivator and make all the difference in achieving your goals.

2. Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s true. Slogging through a workout solo can have you watching the clock like a hawk. Every rep drags and you find yourself wondering if it’s ever going to end. The solution? Bring a friend. Guarantee you’ll pay attention less to the time and more to the grind if someone’s doing it right along with you.

3. Accountability.

We all need it, and it’s nearly impossible to be accountable to yourself, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Having a gym squad or a gym buddy to keep you on the up and up is a game changer. You’re more likely to show up to the gym if someone is waiting there for you. You’re going to finish that last rep if someone’s there cheering you on. You’re less likely to go face down into a gallon of ice cream if you know your pal is only a quick phone call or text away to help you walk away from that landmine situation. Accountability is key!

4. Common Goals.

Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals and desires that you do automatically make those goals more achievable. Why? Because you want the same things and that keeps you on the same page and dialed in. It’s not rocket science, yo! Surround yourself with those who want the same things that you do, and you’ll find it easier to do the work and make the right choices.

5. Make The Work Count.

Rep for rep, you are going to work more and try harder if you have someone there with you every step of the way. If you’re trying to watch what you eat and be more aware of what you put into your body, it helps to have someone to check in with on a regular basis. Success is best when shared, right? Is it easy or fun watching your nutrition? No way! But if you’re trying to be more aware and selective about the things you choose to fuel your body with, it helps to have a friend who understands what you’re going through and can help you focus less on the present and more on the bigger picture.

6. Keep It Competitive.

Who said a little competition couldn’t be fun? There’s nothing more motivating than having someone working alongside you step for step. It’s not about winning, but it is about motivation, and sometimes a little competition is exactly what the doctor ordered. Why do you think CrossFit is so popular? Because everyone wants to see their name at the top of the board when it comes down to it. Generally, it’s a good idea to pick a gym partner who is at about the same fitness level as you and go from there. You might kill yourself otherwise and we certainly don’t want that!

Trainer Lindsey and friends

So, it’s really up to you to decide whether or not you’re in it for the long haul. Those who are ultimately successful and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle surround themselves with other like-minded people who motivate, sustain, and support their efforts, thus creating a ripple effect of the best kind.

Who’s on your gym squad? We want to know!

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Kalli Verbecky

Kalli Verbecky

Writer and expert

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