Use It To Lose It: Bodyweight Workouts for Weight Loss

Bodyweight exercises are super popular right now. They are convenient, and allow you to drop everything, anywhere, to get a quick workout in, without needing any equipment! I like to use the kitchen because the hard floor feels more like the gym. We searched the internet to find you some of the best bodyweight workouts available online right now. The best part about these workouts? They are free!

Bodyweight exercises are the perfect way to jumpstart your fitness goals without the hassle of getting a gym membership, because frankly, not everyone has the time or money for that. And don’t worry: these ARE effective! I’ve tried them all and I can promise you that these workouts will burn calories and have you sweating in minutes, no gym required!

15 Minute No-Excuses Bodyweight Workout from POPSUGAR

The title says it all: NO EXCUSES! This workout is only fifteen minutes long, plus you just need the space of a yoga mat to complete the whole thing. This video includes a countdown on the screen so you can see how much time you have left. Trust me, it’ll go by super fast! This quick workout even includes a warmup and some stretches to prevent injury and keep you from getting too sore.

Where you’ll feel it: In your abs and shoulders. There are plenty of v-ups and planks to tone your upper body and your core! I didn’t think a 15 minute workout could be this intense

Kelli’s Favorite Bodyweight Workout from FitnessBlender

Ready to step it up to a half-hour bodyweight workout? This video walks you through every exercise for a full thirty minutes of total body toning, with less cardio than the previous videos. Most of the moves in this workout focus on “functional fitness”–helping you feel better doing your day-to-day activities and minimizing common problems like back pain.

Where you’ll feel it: In your shoulders and abs–again! There’s a reason that functional fitness focuses on these areas: strengthening your shoulders minimizes slouching and neck stiffness, and a tight core improves your posture.

30 Minute Intermediate No Equipment Total Body Workout from GymRa

This 30-minute workout focuses more on your lower body with tons of lunges and glute work! Even though there isn’t much cardio in this video, working these big muscle groups will get your heart rate up. Plenty of repetitions ensures that you’ll feel it tomorrow, in a good way! The trainer in this video doesn’t talk much, so feel free to queue up your Netflix in the background for this one!

Where you’ll feel it: In your quads and glutes! This is a great workout for lifting and shaping your lower body.

30 Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You Can Do Anywhere from POPSUGAR

Don’t be scared by seeing “boot camp” in the title! This is a simple workout with only six bodyweight moves, which means you have no excuse not to get moving right there in your kitchen or living room. The fun, chatty trainer in this video makes you feel like you’re in a class at the gym–he’ll keep you going! Just make sure you have a towel handy, because you’ll be sweaty. There’s plenty of cardio included.

Where you’ll feel it: All over. This is probably the most complete of the workouts I’ve listed, so it’s perfect if you’re not sure you’ll be able to work out again tomorrow.

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises

Feel like creating your own workout to target certain body parts, or just to change things up a little? This video gives you a how-to of 44 different bodyweight exercises for your lower body, upper body, and core. Lots of these moves also count as cardio! Add some to another workout for extra toning, or put together some circuits for a personalized workout.

Where you’ll feel it: Wherever you want!

Ready to get pumped?

Wow, I feel like I need a cooldown after watching all of those workouts! And remember, don’t forget to stretch!

Stretching after your workout is so important, but often overlooked! Stretching after you exercise helps you to increase flexibility and reduces muscle tension to properly help your muscles repair and recover.

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