The Funniest Stereotypes About Protein (And Why They Might be True)

Protein: It’s really important if you want to build a toned, lean body. It fuels your muscles and helps them repair and rebuild back stronger after workouts. Protein is super important for women who train and exercise. But, along with the importance of protein also comes the stereotypes about protein.

Because protein is so crucial for helping develop an eye-catching physique, it has cleverly become regarded among the fitness community as a sort of life source…and, well, let’s be serious: it really is.

That being said, not getting enough protein is a surefire way to derail your fitness goals, and sometimes believing the bad stereotypes about protein can keep you from getting the nutrients you and your muscles need from getting enough of it!

Protein tends to get a bad rep because not a lot of people understand how important it is for improving workouts, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a fitness competitor, and everything in between.

Well, I’m here to set the story straight, but first let’s check out some of the funniest protein videos and memes I’ve stumbled across that sum up my love for this macronutrient!

Protein! Protein! Protein!

Protein! Yes, protein does rock. If you’re planning on spending a day out on the beach catching some rays, there are two things you need to remember: your sunscreen, and some protein.

But let’s also make one thing clear. Protein isn’t what made these guys so bulky, so don’t be afraid of this lean-muscle building macronutrient, especially if your goal is to get a bikini body by summertime! Getting bulky is a major stereotype about protein!

Don’t Forget to Cap Your Shaker Bottle


Protein powder is awesome because you can transport it with you anywhere. Just finished at the gym? Want to sip it on-the-go? You got it! Supplementing with protein powder is super convenient and an awesome way to fill up on protein without a bunch of calories.

Just throw some in a shaker bottle and sip away. Just don’t forget to properly cap your shaker bottle or else… I’ve learned from experience.

The Quest to Find the Scooper

It’s true, the running joke is sometimes the protein scooper gets a little buried under the powder due to the bottle being shipped.

But, have no fear. The best way to find the scooper (if it isn’t already at the top) is to put the lid back on (tight), shake the protein tub back and forth for about 15 – 20 seconds, and voila! You’ve got the scooper.

Get Your Protein


When in doubt, eat protein! But, how much protein should you be consuming per day? Chances are you most likely aren’t getting optimal amounts of protein if you train.

Trainer Lindsey recommends women that exercise should try and consume anywhere between .8 – 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight a day. Despite your best efforts, you may not be getting enough protein throughout your daily meals, which is why many choose to supplement their dietary protein with a protein powder.

Taking Your Training and Results to the Next Level


If you knew there was a way to improve your workout recovery and lean muscle growth, would you pass on it? I’m going to go ahead and say probably not!

Recovering after a workout is just as important as the workout itself! So, If you are serious about maximizing your hard work in the gym, it’s time you start getting more protein in your diet.

Time to Enhance Your Results

Protein is the key to recovering effectively after workouts and improving your results, and protein powder supplements are an excellent way to make sure you are maximizing your training.

Protein is not just for bodybuilders or fitness competitors, despite the bad stereotypes about protein we have all started to believe! Protein is for the everyday person who wants to get the most out of their time spent in the gym.

Whether you’ve been taking protein powders for years or are brand new, IdealLean Protein is an excellent protein powder to check out. It is designed with women’s fitness goals in mind. It provides 20 g of high-quality whey isolate per serving while still being low calorie and carbohydrate- and fat-free! Not too mention, it tastes absolutely delicious.

Now you can feed your muscles with what they need while watching your figure at the same time!

Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

Writer and expert

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