Self-Confidence Is Strong

A strong woman has confidence in herself.

Regardless of where you feel you’re currently at on the self-confidence scale, there’s always room for improvement, right?

I’ve come up with five steps that you can take today to positively impact your self-confidence.

#1. Do Something Hard Every Day

Ready for the best piece of news you’ll hear all day? Here it is: your self-confidence can totally be increased! But there’s a little bit of a catch.

Self-confidence exists within the confines of your comfort zone, and by staying within your comfort zone, your level of self-confidence isn’t allowed to grow. People like to use the phrase “leave your comfort zone.” But wouldn’t it better to grow your comfort zone instead?

That’s exactly what you’re doing when you take on something that scares you a little bit. Those experiences make your comfort zone stretch and grow larger.

Whether that means trying a new workout, talking to a stranger, asking for a raise, learning a new skill, or anything else you can think of, doing something scary stimulates growth.

So commit to doing one little (or big!) thing every single day, and over time your comfort zone will grow larger than you may have ever thought it could. As a result, your self-confidence will soar!

#2. Redefine failure

Now that you’re doing something every day to expand your comfort zone, you’ll hopefully be trying a lot of new and difficult things. This will likely result in failing at least a time or two (probably a lot more -and that’s ok!).

Failure is most often thought of as a major defeat and something to be avoided at all costs. The truth is that failure should always be viewed as a learning experience and as an important part of the process of getting better.

The women who achieve the most are well acquainted with failure. As long as you learn something and become better for it, failure is a priceless experience. So as the saying goes, fail early, fail often, fail forward.

#3. Accept Yourself Right Now

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll be happy when you get that new car, lose those lbs, have more money, or when you finally attain whatever you feel that you’re currently lacking.

But can I let you in on a little secret? If you aren’t able to accept yourself as you are right now, chances are you’ll never be able to!

However, if you decide to love the life you’re currently living you’ll enter a more receptive state, and you’ll be more likely to receive the things you feel like you’re missing out on now!  

That’s not to say you should be totally satisfied with where you are and decide to stop trying to improve. But it’s important to realize that your self-worth is completely separate from money, status, physical traits, or anything else.

#4. Set and Reach Goals

There really isn’t a better feeling than finally reaching a goal that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. But before you can attain your goals, you have to set them!

Setting goals helps you have a clear sense of vision, direction, and purpose! But remember, a goal that you don’t write down is usually just a wish that will not come true.

If you need help setting meaningful goals, just remember the acronym SMART:

SPECIFIC- Goals should be as specific as possible. Instead of ‘to lose weight’, a more specific goal might be ‘to lose 10 lbs and decrease total body fat by 5%’.

MEASURABLE- Your goal should have at least one indicator that can be measured. Whether it’s inches, pounds, time, doing or not doing something, there should be a unit that can be measured and recorded.

ATTAINABLE- It’s important to set goals that you can reach. While you definitely want to push yourself with challenging goals, you run the risk of losing interest or becoming discouraged if the goal you’ve set is unrealistically high.

RELEVANT- Your goals should be related to something that you care about. If you don’t care about your goal, it will be extremely difficult to stay motivated and see it through to the end.

TIME-BASED- An effective goal is one that has an official start date and end date. If you aren’t constrained by time, you miss out on the sense of urgency that can serve as a great motivator.

#5. Smile!

It might seem like a small thing, but your smile can become your most powerful asset! There’s nothing quite as likable, disarming, or contagious as a genuine smile. People who smile more tend to be more positive and are viewed as more confident and attractive.

Not only that, but smiling has even been shown to be a predictor of longevity! Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll live a longer life if you smile more. But there’s no question that those who smile more are generally just happier.

It’s hard to hold on to negative feelings for long if you make yourself smile. The more you smile, the better you’ll feel and the more confidence you’ll have!


You are strong, powerful, and more than capable of achieving everything you set your mind to.

Tap into your unlimited potential by taking steps to increase your self-confidence. You’ll definitely change your own life, and you might just end up changing the world!

So start working on increasing your self-confidence today. You’ll be glad you did!

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