13 Scary Things That Happen When You Get Fit

The truth of the matter is that getting fit can be pretty scary… I mean you will see a lot of changes happen at this time that can be pretty frightening. You experience changes to your body and mind that you may not be used to. Read on to see the spoooooky truth about getting fit (hint: #5 may be the worst).

What Happens When You Get in Shape

1. You’ll get spooked from all the muscles you didn’t know existed.

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… you may find yourself flexing on the daily. via GIPHY.

This one is pretty obvious. The more you work out, the more definition you will see. You will lose excess fat and build lean muscle. Win win.

2. You drink a lot of water… so you’ll pee A LOT.

With all of the health benefits of drinking water, like flushing out toxins, speeding up your metabolism, relieving fatigue, regulating body temperature and more, you know the importance of drinking water… especially large amounts of water. It is said that you should drink between half of an ounce and an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. But you should take into account the conditions where you live, and how active you are.

What comes with drinking that much water? Peeing a lot. You will find yourself doing the potty dance more and more often and rushing to the bathroom constantly. But hey, it’s worth it.

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…or maybe you are still trying to drink more water. You’ll get there. via GIPHY.

3. You’ll Float up a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

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All of that physical activity and healthy eating has made walking up a flight of stairs way easier. You may even feel like you’re floating… we all float down here. ?

4. You become a master chef.

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via GIPHY.

It may be freaky how good you’ll become at cooking. Between all your meal prepping and counting macros you have become a pro in the kitchen. Measuring your food, tracking your meals on different apps, taking your supplements, everything. Pro. You could practically do it in your sleep.

5. You do a lot of laundry.

You may be frightened with how many piles develop in your room. With working out constantly, you sweat a LOT. This makes it so the laundry accumulates, and you have load upon load of sweaty, dirty clothes to clean.

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…or maybe get someone to do it for you. via GIPHY.

6. Your skin will do weird things… Like clear up.

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via GIPHY.

Regular exercise promotes healthy circulation and will actually help to keep your skin healthy. Exercise will nourish your skin cells to keep it vibrant. Exercise has also been shown to ease stress, and stress can cause some problems such as acne and eczema.

7. You and protein powder become pretty tight.

You know that protein is important to help you build lean muscle, and to assist in recovery, so taking your protein after you work out has become a habit. Make a pre-workout protein shake. Get home from the gym. Mix up your protein shake. Repeat.

But you also have found that drinking the same protein shake every day has become routine, and you need to think of new ways to switch it up to get in your daily protein intake.

That is why we have our 28 Fit Faves Protein Recipe eBook. We incorporate IdealLean Protein into a number of sweet tooth satisfying meals, treats, and snacks that are high protein, low in carbs, and low in fat, to help you creatively incorporate protein in your diet.

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8. You may have to buy new clothes.

Your old clothes don’t fit your new lifestyle. You find yourself buying more activewear, and not fitting into your old clothes like you used to. They are too loose in some places and too tight in others.

So can you say shopping spree?!

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9. You may find that you live in your gym clothes.

Not only do you wear your gym clothes to the gym, you wear them running errands, to bed, sometimes at work, and at brunch. But that’s okay, because athleisure wear is a thing, and it’s gaining a lot of popularity. You do you boo.

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10. Your brain will start to function differently.

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Exercise will result in increased blood flow, and this will benefit the brain. Your brain cells will actually start to function at a higher level. As you work out regularly your brain will get used to the frequent surge of blood to boost your brain function and protect against disease.

11. You start to sleep better.

Many studies have proven that physical activity impacts your quality of sleep. A study found that when you get 150 minutes of exercise a week, there is a 65% improvement in sleep quality. So go ahead, get in those much needed Zzzz’s.

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12. You stop focusing on the number on the scale.

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The number on the scale doesn’t matter to you anymore, because you know that muscle is more dense than fat. And you don’t even care as long as you are healthy and happy.

13. You become happier.

The benefits of exercising go wayyyyy beyond esthetics. I don’t exercise because of the way it makes me look, I do it for the way that it makes me feel. Exercise releases endorphins which promote happiness.

A study found in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology found that people who are more physically active reported greater feelings of excitement then those who are less active.

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The Takeaway

Okay, obviously these weren’t scary. These are actually really good changes that happen once you get fit. You will find that you are stronger, more toned, happier, more alert, and a ton of other benefits will also make themselves manifest.

Hopefully this can provide some more motivation to stay strong and resist some of the temptation that will beset you. Have a treat or two, but stay strong going to the gym, preparing healthy meals, and reaching the rest of your fit goals.

Good luck girl, I have faith in you.


Karina Elle

Karina Elle

Fitness Model

Karina Elle is a professional fitness model and creator of the 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge.

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