Q&A With HopeScope

A couple months ago, we were able to sit down and have a really fun Q&A session with the one and only HopeScope, a YouTubing sensation and fitness guru. You may know her better as The Legging Queen!

She’s built an awesome social following by consistently delivering super fun and informative videos and content about fitness topics like activewear.

I’m talking reviews, workout videos, and hacks and tips to save money and look great!

Check out our conversation below to learn more about HopeScope, and to pick up on some awesome tips you can implement into your own fitness routine!

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Q: How did you come up with the nickname HopeScope?

A: It took me a long time to come up with it! I actually decided on that nickname way before ever starting my Youtube channel.

I just love the sound of it, it’s fun! A lot of people name their channel after their name, but I wanted something that stood out and that people could remember.

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment at the gym?

A: There are so many! Let me think of a good one!

I’ve fallen and hit my face so many times. I had really bad see-through leggings one time.

I think the worst is when I was doing some cable triceps. I had the cable extension above my head and as I pulled it down my hair extension got caught on it and ripped out. Then my hair extension was just dangling, it was so bad!

Q: How did you start your fitness journey?

A: I actually danced my whole life growing up. So I was always kind of active.

Surprisingly enough, it was actually YouTube that introduced me to the fitness world. I didn’t even know before that girls lifted weights! I had no idea that was a thing.

I got into fitness and lifting in 2015 and never looked back!

Q: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and ice cream, without a doubt!

Q: Do you split your workout by muscle group?

A: Yes I do, and lately I’ve tried to do half of my workout more like a HIIT/ fat-burning, full-body workout, and then I try to do 3-4 workouts that are targeting a muscle group.

I train 6 times a week, and I prefer to train first thing. My training split depends on what my current goals are.

I’ve spent the past year or so building muscle, so now my main goal is to maintain that muscle, lean out, and just become more athletic and pliable overall.

I don’t currently do specific types of training on specific days, but I try to get in 3 full body HIIT workouts, 1 leg/glute workout, 1 shoulder workout, and 1 bicep/back workout in every week.

Q: Do you meal prep?

A: I used to but I’m not a huge fan of leftovers. I just like to find meals that are just quick and easy to prepare.

Q: Being that you’re The Legging Queen, what is your favorite glute exercise?

A: Hip Thrust is the ultimate exercise! I think those are just the best way to target the glutes.

I mostly do barbell hip thrusts because I feel like they are so simple and effective. It’s great if you really just want to target your booty only and not your legs.

Q: What’s a day of eating like?

I really love salads from stores. I like protein shakes and vegetable soups.

I snack on a lot of fruits throughout the day, too.

To be honest…I just like really, really easy things to prepare.

Q: What is your favorite IdealFit product?

A: I would say the BCAAs because I use them every single day at the gym, and I really like all the lemonade flavors!

Q: What’s your favorite motivational quote?

A: “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate!”

I love that because I think sometimes we get so caught up in doing fitness for the wrong reason, and we forget how amazing our bodies are.

All the benefits that come from working out aren’t just physical benefits. It took me a long time to figure that out, I feel like I was doing fitness for the wrong reasons for a really long time.

Q: What’s your favorite playlist?

A: Well I have a playlist on Spotify. It’s called “ Hopescope”- Go check it out! It’s really upbeat, dance, EDM.

Q: Do you think wearing nice gym wear at the gym helps with motivation?

A: 100 %! Even if I’m at home working out, if I have a cute outfit, I’m going to workout 10 times harder!

Q: Which IdealFit clothing piece is your favorite?

A: If I had to pick just one piece, I’d choose the cross back crop top.

It’s super supportive and very good coverage. It goes with everything, which is great!

Q: Tell us one of your best DIY gym wear tips!

A: I ALWAYS bring a jacket to the gym. That way if I am feeling “exposed” and uncomfortable while doing something like squats, or suddenly realize my leggings are see-through, I can tie it around my waist.

Plus, it works as a super cute accessory!

Q: If you could give one advice to a girl starting her fitness journey, what would it be?

A: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

While there are tons of amazing free resources on the internet, it really makes a huge difference to have someone show you the ropes in person.

Have a family member or friend give you a tour around the gym and teach you correct form on certain key compound moments.

I actually paid for 3 sessions with a personal trainer when I first started my fitness journey, and that investment ended up being a priceless tool in getting started.

I felt much more confident when performing workouts after I had a bit of personalized knowledge under my belt.

Q: What’s your biggest fitness goal right now?

A: I am working hard to get my personal training certification, so I can provide other women with some awesome fitness advice and resources.

I would also love to collaborate with a brand soon to create a “HopeScope inspired” activewear line!

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