PB & J Pancakes

Calories per serving: 109. Protein 6g. Carbs 17g. Fat 4g.

Serving size:  1 pancake with Peanut Butter and Jam

PB & J Pancakes


  • 0.75cup - white whole wheat flour
  • 1 - scoop French Vanilla IdealLean Protein
  • 1tbsp - baking powder
  • 2tbsp - peanut butter powder (PB2)
  • 0.125tsp - salt
  • 2tbsp - honey
  • 1cup - unsweetened almond milk
  • - Toppings: natural peanut butter, sugar-free jam flavor of choice


  1. Mix together the flour, protein powder, baking powder, peanut butter powder, and salt, in a bowl.

  2. Add the honey and unsweetened almond milk, and stir to combine. Be careful not to over mix.

  3. Let the batter sit for 3 minutes to help produce a fluffy pancake!

  4. Cook on a lightly oiled skillet over medium heat.

  5. Once there are a few bubbles in the middle, flip and cook for a few more minutes on the other side. Repeat until all the pancakes are cooked. You should get 8 pancakes.

  6. To serve, top each pancake with 1 tsp. natural peanut butter & 1 tsp. sugar-free jam.

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Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Lindsey Mathews is the Head Trainer and Nutritionist at IdealFit. She is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, C-ISSN certified sports nutritionist, Pn. 1 certified nutrition coach, and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Before joining IdealFit, she ran the largest boot camp program in Utah County.

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