Morning Routines to Power Up Your Day

It’s no secret that successful people have killer morning routines. But what is the true ultimate morning routine to really power up your day? Honestly, it varies from person to person – and being mindful of your own personal needs is definitely key to success. But, incorporating some or all of the below tips will help you to stay motivated, energized, and mentally sound for the day.

Get up earlier

Ok, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Getting up earlier in the morning is the best way to maximize your productivity for the day. That extra hour or so in the morning to fit in a workout, a super tasty breakfast, or just a little bit of me-time, is a surefire way to get you feeling like you’ve got your fit together!

Breakfast Goals

Speaking of super tasty breakfasts, your first meal of the day is such a great opportunity to start hitting your nutrition goals for the day! We’ve spoken a lot about how best to maximize this meal here, but honestly, there’s no substitute for a tasty breakfast to get your day going and fuel you up for success. Taking the opportunity to hit your macro goals for the day is just a huge added bonus that’ll help you to meet your fitness goals – whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat, tone up, or keep lean!

Giving yourself time to eat a healthy breakfast will gift you the energy you need to power through the day, helping you to keep motivated without any bouts of sluggishness.


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2-3 Liters of water a day can seem an impossible target, but it’s made so much easier when you start the day with a hit of hydration! Drinking water (before your morning coffee!) benefits your skin, your immune system, and your lymphatic system, which keeps your body flushed of toxins. Importantly though, that first hit of hydration in the morning is key to jump-starting your metabolism for the day and making you feel alert. Essentially, a glass of water first thing in the morning gets your body and mind moving that little bit faster, to help you get the best out of your day.

Setting Goals

The most effective way to get the best out of your day is to make time to set specific, realistic goals. Setting time aside to think about what you really want to accomplish that day helps you to stay focused, motivated, and minimizes your chances of getting sidetracked. It’s so important to ensure that your goals are the right balance of attainable but challenging, though! Nothing demotivates you more than a vague or impossible task that stays on your to-do list forever.

For example, instead of writing ‘work towards having a 6-pack’ or ‘lose belly fat’, consider writing ‘complete a 20 min core workout.’ You’ll feel so much more satisfied being able to check it off, and more motivated to do the same again the following day!

Another top tip – add something to the list that you can easily tick off straight away to get the ball rolling. We’re not sure why this works, but it does! So, we always add ‘brush teeth’ to our daily checklists, because it makes all the other checks come so much quicker!


Take 5 minutes in the morning to think of a few things that you’re grateful for that day. At first, this can seem a little cringe-worthy, but with time, it helps you to notice the little things in your life that bring you joy – which will essentially make you happier as a person. Since happy people tend to be more proactive about their goals and more active in their days, practicing your gratitude is really a win-win situation.

Plus, 5-10 minutes in a morning spent purely on yourself is such a great way to ground yourself for the day. Kicking things off with a little headspace is a really great way to calm the internal chatter that you’ll experience throughout the day, which gives you more mental capacity to think about what you want out of the day!


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We can’t stress enough the importance of your daily workout for both your mental and physical health, and there’s really no better time to workout than in the morning. There are a few reasons why a good morning workout will power up your day, including:

  1. Working out in the morning provides you with a boost of energy by pumping oxygen and nutrients around your body and into your heart and lungs, keeping you alert for the rest of the day.
  2. Plus, a 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning, and decision-making, so a morning workout is pretty much guaranteed to make your morning more successful.
  3. In terms of mental health, mornings can often be the hardest part of the day, and a bad morning really sets the tone for a bad day in general. A good workout in the morning releases endorphins that’ll carry you through your day.
  4. If you’re looking to manage your appetite for the day, exercise helps regulate your appetite by reducing ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It also increases satiety hormones, like peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide-1.
  5. Strangely enough, a morning workout has even been proven to give you a better night’s sleep. A 2014 study in Vascular Health and Risk Management demonstrated that adults got better sleep on the days they exercised at 7 a.m. After the morning workout, the participants generally experienced a deeper sleep with fewer awakenings – plus, it took them less time to fall asleep. Exercising outside in the morning offers even more sleep-related perks.

Tailoring your morning workout to your personality and lifestyle is the best way to stay consistent, so when you’re planning your workouts out, it’s best to be mindful of your own personal challenges and needs. For example, if you struggle to get up and going in the morning, a home workout might be better for you. However, if you find it easier to see a workout through if you’re at the gym, it’s definitely best to plan the area that you intend to work out first! Likewise, if you’re someone who works a desk job and doesn’t typically get much outside time, a brisk morning walk or jog will definitely benefit you – both physically and mentally!

We all make promises to ourselves of all the things that we’ll achieve the next day, and huge, daunting lists can make it harder to get anything done at all, so we’re definitely not suggesting that you start rewriting your morning routine to include all of the above. However, adding one or two of the above tips will make you feel healthier, happier, and more successful, in the long run. So, be kind to yourself and start thinking about how to power up your day each morning.



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