5 Delicious Salad Recipes

Hey you guys! In case you didn’t know, May is National Salad Month. But it doesn’t have to be May to enjoy a salad!

Who doesn’t love a good salad, right? They’re refreshing, filling, and oh-so-versatile!  And best of all, you can totally personalize them to help you meet your macros and achieve your nutritional goals!

To help you get your salad on the right way, and to save you a little time, here’s a list of 5 totally awesome power-packed salad recipes. I hope you love them!

1. Berry Quinoa Salad Lunchbox

Serves 1. Calories per serving: 310 / Protein 36g / Carbs 28g / Fat 6g


2 c mixed salad greens
1/4 c fresh blueberries
1/4 c fresh strawberries, sliced
4 oz shredded chicken
1/4 c cooked quinoa
2 tbsp. crumbled feta cheese
2 tbsp. vinaigrette or poppy seed dressing


  1. Toss all ingredients except dressing together. Pack into Tupperware, keeping the dressing separate.
  2. Toss with dressing when ready to eat. Enjoy!

2. Ranch Taco Salad

Serves 2. Calories per serving: 405 / Protein 24g / Carbs 22g / Fat 24g


4 c salad greens
6 oz taco meat (lean ground beef or turkey)
1/4 c sliced olives
1/4 c shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 c tomatoes, chopped
1/4 c red onion, sliced or cubed
1/4 avocado, cubed
1/2 baked whole wheat tortilla (chopped)


  1. Toss all ingredients together and divide into 2 equal servings. Enjoy with low-fat dressing or salsa.

3. BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad

Serves 1. Calories per serving: 370 / Protein 35g / Carbs 30g / Fat 12g


2 c salad greens
3 oz cooked shredded chicken
1/3 c corn
1/4 c chopped red onion
2 tbsp. Bolthouse Farms Greek Ranch Dressing
1/2 baked whole wheat tortilla (chopped)


  1. Toss all ingredients together and enjoy!

4. Peach Walnut Salad

Serves 1. Calories per serving: 306 / Protein 31g / Carbs 13g / Fat 15g


2 c salad spring mix
1 tbsp. chopped walnuts
2 tbsp. crumbled goat cheese
3 oz shredded chicken
1/4 red onion, sliced
1/2 fresh peach, sliced


  1. Toss all ingredients. Enjoy with your favorite vinaigrette or balsamic dressing.

5. Lemon Balsamic Quinoa Salad

Serves 1. Calories per serving: 310 / Protein 29g / Carbs 31g / Fat 8g


2 c spring salad mix
3 oz shredded chicken
1 oz sun-dried tomatoes
1/4 c cooked quinoa
5 fresh basil leaves, chopped

Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette:
1 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. white balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Top greens with shredded chicken, tomatoes, quinoa and basil leaves.
  2. Mix vinaigrette dressing ingredients and toss with salad. Enjoy!

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Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Lindsey Mathews is the Head Trainer and Nutritionist at IdealFit. She is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, C-ISSN certified sports nutritionist, Pn. 1 certified nutrition coach, and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Before joining IdealFit, she ran the largest boot camp program in Utah County.

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