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Meet Kylie: wife and mama to three bear cubs, yogi, runner, marathoner in training, healthy living activist! 

“I am a wife and a mama to three handsome fellas. I grew up dancing so fitness and health have sort of naturally progressed into a passion of mine. I also know my way around the kitchen and count cooking and recipe development as some of my favorite things to do. I went through a raw food phase that made me really passionate about eating healthy, which plays into my love for smoothies and fueling my body with the best foods possible. Anxiety and depression run in my family so I guess you could say I use food as my medicine, which has definitely been a lifesaver for me both mentally and physically.

Kylie Christensen

When I stopped dancing after high school I found yoga and fell in love with the way it inspired me to be be creative with my body and find peace and happiness with my health. I currently teach several classes at a local studio and find great satisfaction in improving my abilities through regular practice and instruction.

I’ve broadened my fitness horizons a bit along the way. Along with yoga I try to regularly mix in weight training, HIIT workouts and running. I recently completed another Ragnar race and am currently in training for my first full marathon later this fall. I love to mix it up so that I don’t get bored and always feel challenged.

Kylie Christensen

What motivates me? It’s my family, my happiness and my health. After I had my first boy I felt so much pressure to be a good mama, I got the baby blues instead. Postpartum depression comes on strong. I started running to get myself out of the house and it and it really became an emotional outlet and slowly healed me along the way. Some days I would just run and cry and it felt so good! Even though I was so happy to be a mother to that sweet boy, I needed that solo time.

I needed to feel like I was strong and accomplishing something outside of my role as a mother. It made me a better mama and I needed that! Feeling proud of myself and discovering my own strength was something I had never experienced before. Since then, fitness and healthy eating has been about so much more than the physical benefits, of which there are many, the emotional and mental benefits are just as important for me as well.  

My goals for the future are to throw myself deeper into yoga and to keep being consistent in fitness and health, and to encourage people to do what they love. It’s never too late to start living a healthy life! If I can teach my family and my kids to be happy, healthy and authentic, I will consider myself a success.”

Find Kylie on Instagram @inspiredbyky, girlfriend knows what’s up when it comes to mouthwatering food and inspiring that healthy life! 

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