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Kaytlin Neil Introduces Knockout Fitness-Fight Your Way to Fit

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Hi, I’m Kaytlin! I’m an MMA fighter and Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist.

Maybe you’ve seen me kick some booty in the cage, or maybe you’ve seen some of my gym shenanigans on Instagram. Health and fitness have been a major part of my life for so long. They’re not just my hobby, being healthy and fit is my life!

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I know what it likes to carry extra weight and not feel your best. It’s frustrating to carry extra weight and fluff around. Not to mention how unconfident you feel. I gained the “freshman 15” in college and had to work my butt off to get where I am today.

That’s why I also know what it takes to lose fat, get fit, and feel amazing! That’s why I’ve created my own FREE 15-Day Knockout Fitness Challenge, so you can ditch the fat and finally get that fit, lean, strong bod you’ve always wanted.

Fight Your Way to Fit

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I designed my 15-Day Knockout Fitness Challenge to help you burn fat, lean out, and get fit so you can look and feel your best. My workouts are fun, fast paced, and MMA inspired that help you achieve results in record time. My meal plan has delicious, simple, and healthy recipes that anyone can make and enjoy. They are meant to help you lose weight while supporting lean muscle growth!

In my 15 Day Knockout Fitness program you will:

  • Build lean muscle and burn fat.
  • Learn how to eat healthy, delicious meals.
  • Learn MMA style, fat burning workout moves.
  • Gain confidence and have FUN working out.
  • Private community support and motivation.
  • Access to me to get your questions answered!

This challenge has everything you need to get started to lose fat and build lean, beautiful muscle. Whether you’re a complete newbie or fitness pro, this challenge will help you get the results you want to see.

What Can You Expect From This Challenge?

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You want to lose fat and get lean. You DON’T want to run on a treadmill staring at a wall for an hour each day. (Who does?) That’s why I created Knockout Fitness. It’s fun, effective, and you’ll get fit in under 30 minutes a day.

If you haven’t tried an MMA style workout, you’re in for a huge treat! I fell in love with MMA when I attended a fight in college. I began MMA training and loved the fast paced workouts. My MMA training not only helped me lose fat and get strong and lean, it helped me gain confidence. I know it will help you do the same!

You can expect to eat delicious, simple foods on this challenge. I’m not a fan of fancy, over the top meals. I am a fan of PB&Js, pancakes, and quesadillas. You’ll eat meals that take minimal time, keep you full, and deliver those lean and mean results! These are the exact meals and recipes I use to stay lean and make weight.

If you have questions about the workouts or meal plans, I’ll be with you each step of the way so there’s no need to worry! You’ll have total access to me, your trainer, for all the help you need to get the most out of this challenge.

You’ll also have access to my private Facebook community group. Within this group, you’ll make new friends and get tons of motivation from all the other challengers in the group. You never have to do it alone with my challenge!

Ready to Be a Knockout?

If you’re ready to be a knockout (more than you already are!) then sign up for my 15 Day Knockout Fitness Challenge. It’s completely free!

I know you’ll enjoy the challenging, but quick MMA workouts and yummy meals. Plus you’ll be encouraged to eat every three hours and that means no more hunger or crazy cravings.

Just take it from my girl, Haley! She lost nearly 9 pounds in just 15 days with my Knockout Fitness Challenge!

“Coach Kaytlin’s Knockout Fitness Challenge was so much fun! Being disciplined about my food choices was the toughest part, but Kaytlin helped me push through. I loved the results I was able to see. I feel so healthy, I will definitely do this challenge again!!”

She’s just one of the many people who’ve achieved some awesome results following my challenge.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and you’ll immediately get:

1. The Knockout Fitness eBook with all your meals, workouts, and recipes.
2. My guided, MMA style workout videos where I walk you through each workout.
3. An invitation to join my private community page where you can connect with other Knockouts just like you!

It’s time to get lean and fight that fat away. It’s time to join my 15 Day Knockout Fitness Challenge!

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Alyson McDonald

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