June’s Ideal Fittie: @triandrungirl

Heather, @triandrungirl, is a mom of three, wife to her high school sweetheart, fitness instructor and all round amazing and inspirational woman! We sat down with Heather to ask her a few interesting questions about her fitness, her goals, and her interests.

How would you describe IdealFit products to your friends in 3 words?

“Delicious. Affordable. Convenient.”

What are you favourite IdealFit products?

“I use IdealFit protein every day, without fail. I’ll make a protein shake, or even a protein hot chocolate. For the protein hot chocolate, I love the Mint Chocolate Protein and the Chocolate Coconut Protein, I just put 1 scoop in and hot water. The protein hot chocolate is especially good in the winter when I’ve come in from a cold run and I need something warm.

Heather in IdealFit in Utah

Or I will make a smoothie, my favourite is the Chocolate Brownie Protein, with a handful of spinach, ice, milk and then a banana. It’s a super easy and quick smoothie. I also use the chocolate brownie protein to make protein brownies. They taste awesome.

I also use the BCAAS, especially when I’m heavy training, they taste amazing. The BCAAS help me bounce back quicker, they are so helpful. I love the Peach Lemonade, the Raspberry Lemonade, and the Blueberry Pomegranate. The BCAAS are good with ice to keep you cool in the summer.”

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for people interested in running?

  • “1 – Sign up for a race.

Sign up, even before you start training because if you have signed up, you have paid money, you have it circled in the calendar, chances are you are going to get yourself out the door. I signed up for my first Iron Man and I was terrified. It can be terrifying to sign up and pay the money, but it really does motivate you, because you are committed.

  • 2 – Wear the right gear.

Make sure you have really good shoes, and proper shorts that you will feel comfortable in. Wear workout clothes that are cute, like the IdealFit ones. IdealFit have cute running shorts that make you feel good when running. It may sound silly to a lot of people but a cute outfit and the right gear will motivate you.

  • 3 – Stick to your schedule

Either hire a coach that can take the guesswork out of it, or if you don’t have the money, go online and you can find a lot of great free programmes, and customise them to yourself.”

How often do you run a week?

“So when I’m in full marathon training, I train 6 days a week, and one of those days is a very slow easy run, to get in some recovery miles. Those miles are not wasted miles, they are really important miles.”


How do you control your breathing whilst running? Any tips or advice?

“I am a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, and I teacher 2-3 times a week. I think learning how to control my breath, especially when I’m holding a really hard pose, really does help control my breathing when I’m running a marathon or when I’m sprinting because I’m very aware of my breath and it can keep my heart rate down. I would recommend yoga for runners, I think it is such an amazing practise to learn how to control your breath, in a situation where you aren’t comfortable.”

Heather Jenson practicing yoga

Who is your fitness inspiration and why?

“I have a lot so that is hard to answer with just 1 person. As far as a fitness inspiration person goes, for me, I love runners. There’s something amazing about being a marathon runner.

One of the people that I absolutely love is actually a real life friend and it is Sarah Sellers. (@sarah_sellers) and she got 2nd place in the Boston Marathon in 2018 and she really inspires me because she is also a nurse and she runs very competitively. I think she is amazing.”

What is something most of your followers may not know about you?

“I think most of them know that I’m a Mom and I enjoy being a Mom, but most may not know that I was a Music Major in College. I’m actually a music teacher and I teach flute and guitar to kids every week.”

Triandrungirl with chocolate protein

What was your first competitive race and why did you decide to enter?

“In High School, I really wanted to be a runner and I was really awful at running. I was terrible at it and I didn’t love it, so I signed up for my first short race the summer after I got married. Then after I had my kids, my first real race was a half marathon, my daughter was only 7 months old, which was the Hobble Creek Half in 2007. It was after this that I really got the running bug.  Then my first marathon was the St George Marathon in 2008, and I have done 18 marathons since then.”

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

I have so many but this is one of my favourite ones.

“You are not competing with anyone else. You are only competing with yourself to do the best with whatever you have received.” – L.Tom Perry

I like that one because I think when you race a lot it can get really intimidating and you start comparing yourself to other people, and it can be really mentally detrimental so always remind yourself that you are not competing with anybody else. That’s something my parents taught me and also something I learnt whilst being a competitive swimmer for 10 years.”



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