July’s Ideal Fittie: @fitnessallsummer

July’s Ideal Fittie: @fitnessallsummer

Summer, @fitnessallsummer, is a NQ NPC Bikini Competitor on the road to Nationals! She is only 19 but she is an ambitious and driven young woman!  Out IdealFit Athlete, Summer, first found IdealFit on Instagram and has been an IdealFit athlete for less than 2 years now.

We sat down with Summer to ask her a few questions about her fitness goals, and what it’s like to be a Bikini Competitor.

Fitness All Summer

How would you describe IdealFit products to your friends in 3 words?

Tasty. Convenient. Necessary.

What are your favorite products from IdealFit?

“I love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Powder, I cannot live without that protein powder, I eat it every single night, it is so good, and you don’t need to mix it with anything either, you can just mix it with almond milk, and ice and it’s amazing, or even just water. That’s my top favourite product.

I really like the Iced Mocha Latte BCAAS as well because it tastes like you are having a Starbucks drink but it doesn’t have any sugar and its doing something for your body and helping you recover.

I also really like the Strawberry Lemonade (stim free) preworkout.”

What are three things you always bring to the gym?

“Headphones, I can’t work out without music. It’s so hard for me.

I also usually take the IdealFit BCAAS or the non-stim preworkout because I like to have something flavoured to drink so I can stay hydrated when working out. I take preworkout on on leg day so I have the extra endurance to be there for a longer period of time. I also take preworkout on days when I have longer cardio sessions, but I try not to take it every time.

Usually I also take a small bag with me to keep my stuff in.”

What is your next fitness goal? What do you next want to achieve?

“I won my first bikini competition back in January, and now I have qualified to compete at Nationals for Bikini, so my goal right now is to win Nationals and get my pro card. This will be my first national show and I’m super excited and its coming so soon!”

How did you get into bikini competitions?

“For bikini competitions, anyone can do it. You usually prep for 12-15 weeks, your diet is strict, your workouts are planned around your meal timing and everything is laid out by your coach.

When I went to College I needed structure and I needed something to keep my priorities straight and so I decided I was going to compete one day but I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t have a coach, but I just made a social media post that I was going to compete and then I found a coach through there. We started prepping and I had to figure everything else out along the way – messaging people for any advice, going on Google, reading articles, and watching YouTube videos. I really didn’t know anything, and no one near me had ever competed before and so I had to find everything online.”

Fitness All Summer with Proteins

What kind of advice would you share with someone who was interested in competing in Bikini?

“I would tell them to make sure they have a really good coach, one that’s not going to starve them or put them on an extreme diet.”

Also, enjoy the process. Even though prepping for 10-12 weeks sounds like a long time, it flies by so just enjoy every bit of your prep because it’ll go by a lot faster than you think.”

Why did you follow IdealFit?

“I found it super interesting that you were one of the only brands that was geared towards women which I thought was really cool because I had only just started getting into the gym, and I wanted to bring more awareness to women working out. I followed you on Instagram and I liked all the recipes that would be posted and I would try and recreate them myself. I bought my first tub of protein and I loved it, and then you reached out to me and asked me to be an IdealFit athlete, and I have been using your products ever since.”

Fitness All Summer wearing an idealfit sports bra

Summer is an Ideal Fit athlete that we admire for her motivation, determination and love of fitness.  Follow her journey on Instagram as a Bikini Competitor.



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