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Faces of Fit: Jessica Parker and Her Journey to Lose 42 Lbs

A woman's before and after fitness transformation

Check out our special Q&A and get inspired to create your own fitness journey!

Q: When did your journey start?

My journey started in May of 2017 with IdealFit. I had seen a Facebook ad for IdealLean products, clicked on the site to snoop around, and saw the free challenges.  

I completed 2 rounds of Trainer Lindsey’s free 15-day Fit Body Challenge and was shocked at the amount of weight I lost and just wanted to keep going. I purchased the Trainer Lindsey 6-Week Fit Body Challenge and did another 2 rounds, but I wanted more.

I really wanted to see muscle growth and leaning out, so I signed up with the 6-Week Fit Body Sculpt Challenge. This is by far my fave program out of all of them, I have found lifting is my jam!

Q: What made you want to change?

This may be TMI, but I always wanted to change, I just never had the motivation to do so.

I got super sick in October of 2016 and per doctor’s orders, I had to do a complete diet makeover. And not a diet like, lose weight, but just a healthy lifestyle to build my stomach flora back. I was a roller derby player and just started to change my eating, cut out a lot of sugars, no more soda-I haven’t had a soda in almost 2 years!

Then just started skating about 6-8 miles 5 days a week, but I knew if I was going to take the healthy lifestyle on I needed guidance and help, and that’s where IdealFit came in.

Q: What tips do you have for others starting out?

Tips would be: don’t expect to see changes in 2 days or even 1 week.

Think of it. When it comes to changing your eating that you’re just doing your body good, yes have goals but don’t be discouraged if you didn’t drop any weight in the first week. Your body is going through internal changes, AND don’t give up, you have nothing to lose!

Think of it this way: yes you may be working out or eating right, but still not getting the result you want. Well, you’re not going to get the results either by doing nothing!

The results are there, you just can’t see them yet. The main tip is, just feel good about what you’re doing!

Q: What have been some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

Major obstacles for me to overcome is self-control. I meal prep every week, but I’m a nighttime snacker, and I have a hard time telling myself, “No I don’t need that pop tart at 2am, or that Reese’s at 4 am,” and telling myself I’m getting up in a few hours and can have breakfast.

I’ve also struggled with staying on track, then seeing results, and thinking, “Ooo! I can have this entire bag of candy,” and then realizing it doesn’t work that way.

I know its cliche but everything in moderation, which I’m practicing and still learning on a daily basis.

Q: What are some of your go-to, favorite meals?

My fave go-to’s right now are: a banana wrapped in a tortilla with peanut butter frozen at snack time! Turkey Meatballs with a big helping of veggies for dinner.

My fave nighttime snack is an IdealLean Protein mug cake, so simple just to toss some protein in a mug, add a little bake powder and water, presto in the microwave, and done!

Q: What are some go-to supplements that have helped?

My fave supplement right now is Peach Lemonade BCAA’s, as well as the IdealLean L- Carnitine. I feel like I can’t live without it and the CLA. I’m a smidge of a sup junkie, and I also take Krill Oil and a multivitamin. 

Q: What are some of your biggest victories?

At one point during the 15-day free challenge, I was down in weight to 118 lbs! Whereas just a few years ago prior I was up in the 160 lbs, I never in my life thought I could see actual results.

My weight fluctuates so very much so I took it as a victory! Obviously, I don’t weigh that now, but my measurements have remained mostly the same, also that I haven’t given up, there are so many times that I thought, “I’m over this, I’m not seeing the change I want.”

But then I would take a step back and remember change is happening and it’s right around the corner and I can’t just give up. I think about the change that has happened and I’m working on keeping it, even if I’m not getting the current result i’m looking for.

Q: How has this affected your life?

This has affected me in so many ways. Learning about carbs, proteins, fats, and sugars- I will literally look at what I’m putting into my body now whereas before I never cared.

I also LOVE working out and meal prepping. I dreaded it in the beginning, but now I look forward to my pre-prepped foods and knowing exactly what I’m having takes the stress of guessing all day out of it.

With working out, I like to challenge myself to see if I can lift more and get stronger.  Before I knew what I was getting into, I didn’t realize that it’s not just about going through the motions, but it’s about strength, self-love, and your overall health.

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