Celebrating 3 Years of IdealFit: Because Women Need Supplements Too!

Happy Birthday IdealFit!

We have been able to come a long way in just three years time, and have grown a lot. We’ve expanded our products, welcomed new trainers and influencers, expanded across the seas to the UK, and for that, we say thank you.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us to get to this point. Seriously. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Let’s put on our party pants and celebrate! Follow us on social @IdealFit cause we will have some pretty sweet sales you won’t want to miss!

But first? Let’s talk about how we got to this point, what we have accomplished, and our future plans!

Bodybuilders and Supplements

idealfit trainers

There has been a common misconception. One that said that protein and other supplements are only for those looking to get huge. That supplements are only for the bodybuilder, especially male bodybuilders. That protein was going to make women bulky so they should avoid protein supplements like the plague.

Well, we wanted to show that that was not the case. That protein will actually help women to create a lean and toned body. That pre-workout will improve energy and focus. That BCAAs are important to help you recover quickly and help you stay lean. Really if you are looking to get fit, lean and toned than supplements are for you.

But it is also important to note that not all supplements are created equally. Some of the reasons why supplements have a bad rep is because they are formulated with extra sugar, calories and other ingredients that don’t actually do anything for you.

IdealFit is not one of those companies. Our products are formulated for women, with women’s goals in mind. That is why our protein doesn’t contain any fat, sugar, or carbs. And why our pre-workout and BCAAs contains 0 calories, sugar, and fat. So, ladies, we are looking out for you, and wanted to create programs and products that were designed specifically for you.

We have had the great opportunity to work with some seriously inspirational people, hear some incredible stories, help people over fitness plateaus, and help people along on their health and fitness journeys.

What The Trainers Have to Say


lindsey-mathews-225x300“It makes me so happy that our brand has grown so much and can now help change people’s lives in other countries! In an industry that is geared towards bodybuilders (and men), we wanted to create a supplement line for WOMEN! Because of this, we have been able to put many misconceived notions and myths to rest. But best of all, we are able to see women reach goals they never thought were possible. I’m amazed daily at the impact that IdealFit has not only on my life but the lives of so many others. Happy Birthday, IdealFit!! I’m so proud to be a part of this movement.”



karina-229x300“I am so proud to be a part of a company that has made a difference in the lives of so many women. For me, getting and staying physically fit has always been about more than just the physical appearance. Being confident in yourself, your abilities, and in all aspects of your life is what it’s all about. And that is why I love all that IdealFit stands for. Teaching healthy habits, sharing stories, and providing quality supplements formulated for women help us on our way to finding a love and appreciation for ourselves and our bodies. Happy birthday, IdealFit. And cheers to many more healthy, happy years!”


Trainer Tamara

trainer tamara

“From the day I first tasted Idealfit products I knew they were the new products for me. They were delicious and were so easy to fit into my everyday life. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing company that has grown so much in just the last couple years!”





Everyone Has Their Own Why. Find It. Then Earn It.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to get fit. Everyone has faced different challenges and everyone’s ideal body and life will be different. We celebrate that!

IdealLean is for the athlete, the weightlifter, the fighter, the cardio bunny, the bodybuilder, the yogi, the swimmer, the crossfitter, the dancer.

We also know that no matter what your fitness journey will look like, you are going to have to put in some serious werk (werk, werk, werk, werk, werk) to get to your ideal. A fitness journey is not always easy. You have to earn it. Work hard, stay dedicated, get motivated, find your why, then go after what you want. Make it happen.

Females of Fitness

We LOVE sharing your stories! That’s why we created IdealFit’s Females of Fitness. We’ve shared stories about moms, daughters, sisters, athletes, trainers, dancers, and lifters…each has faced their own adversity. These ladies have put in work to get to where they are now, but they have also faced some serious challenges and roadblocks to get to that point. We hope that they have been able to inspire you to move forward. Because we know that they have inspired us!

Let me show you a few of our Females of Fitness.


mercedes-150x150Mercedes grew up an athlete. During high school, she discovered the power of shaping her body and growing her strength. She even competed in a few competitions on an amateur level, then later became a personal trainer and taught fitness classes. She ended up hurting herself pretty badly six years ago and had to quit her job. Exercise played a huge part in her life so from going from that to having to cut it all out cold turkey really took a toll. Once she got the “ok” from her doctor she was able to start lifting again, but while she was once able to bench press 100 pounds she now struggled to lift five-pound dumbbells. After research, she found IdealShape and then later found IdealFit which helped her to lean out and find her strength again.


preview-full-sarah-larsen-150x150Sarah used exercise as an escape. When her daughter was just a baby she struggled with depression so every day she would take her daughter out running, and she found that time to be very healing for her. Then, later on, she developed a love for weight training. Ever since then she has been hooked, and staying fit and being healthy are huge priorities for her. But it’s not just about the physical appearance that matters. For Sarah, finding common ground with other women, lifting each other up, and empowering one another, is what she loves about sharing her journey and staying physically fit.


bethheroimage-150x150For Beth, her motivation is her two sons who were each born with autism. As a parent of special needs kids, a big fear is wondering what will happen to them once she is gone. Who’s going to take care of them? That thought pushes her to prioritize fitness. Her boys motivate her to be as healthy as she can be for as long as she can, so that she is there for her little dudes. She says that she owes it to her two little people just as much as herself to take care of her body and to try to be as healthy as possible. That’s why exercising and eating right are such big priorities in her life.

Stick Around. We’re Just Getting Started.

IdealFit started off with just protein supplements. Since then we have grown into a multifaceted company where we not only provide protein but pre-workout, fat burner, BCAAs, oatmeal, high-protein snacks, protein bars, workout gear, the best workout clothes, expanded fitness challenges, recipes, expert articles and more!

But we also want to let you know that this is only the beginning. We have a lot more up our sleeves so you better stick around. You won’t want to miss what’s coming next!

And looking for supplements to help you reach your goals?

Look no further than IdealFit!



Designed By Women, For Women

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