How To Make Money with IdealFit’s Referral Program

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You know that feeling you get when you try something you love so much and then want to shout it from the rooftops? You tell all your friends, let them try your products, and share it on Facebook for your whole news feed to see. Yeah, well we know that feeling too. And we also think that you should get rewarded for it.

That is why we have started the IdealFit Referral Program.

We love our customers. And we especially love when customers are excited enough about our products that they want to share them with friends. And if you are already doing that, you should probably stop what you are doing right now, and read this post, cause making money off of something you love? Boom. Yes. Game changer.

Let’s Talk Deets

Okay, really it’s pretty simple. There are just three steps here:

  1. Tell your friends
  2. Have your friends place their order
  3. Enjoy your reward

With this program, you refer your friends and get a $10 account credit for every new friend you successfully refer. Your friends will get 10% off their first purchase while you receive a $10 credit after their purchase of $20 or more.

When you sign up you will also receive a unique code and link specific to you. From there you can share the link across your social media channels. When they click on that link our system will recognize that code as belonging to you, and you will get rewarded for it, and they get a discount. Or simply share your unique code and they can use that at checkout. Everyone’s a winner.

When you log in to your account you will be able to see how many friends you have successfully referred, and what your balance is. Then when you go to check out, with some of your fave IdealLean products in tow, the balance will become redeemable at checkout. And that simple equation, my friends, can equal free supplements for lifeeeee.

Making The Most Out Of It

Okay, so it’s pretty easy to understand, but there are also things that you can do to make the most out of this referral program. Let’s go over some of the ways now!

Social Media

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You get it, the world gets it. Sharing ideas, thoughts, products, and services over social media is such a great way to spread the word. You are able to reach more people, plus it is super easy to press a few buttons and your posts are spread throughout the interweb. Some of the best platforms to share include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But if you’re all about MySpace, feel free to share it there as well.

Also, try to go about posting naturally. Sometimes when we go about trying to sell things through social media it can look pretty scammy. And most people don’t like to feel pressured or scammed into buying things. Share with those you are close with, and share products that you actually believe in. Tell your story and tell your audience why you believe in the goods you are promoting.

Blog Post

Blog posts can accomplish a number of purposes. You can inform your audience, entertain your audience, teach them, help them, or provide another wide variety of services. Dedicating a blog post to share your story, other success stories using these products, and writing reviews are super beneficial ways for you to reach your audience.



While you could choose to send letters in the mail talking about your love affair with IdealFit products, spreading the word via email is definitely easier and faster. Send links to the website, to your blog, tell your friends why you love the products, or put it as your email signature… it’s all effective.

Throw a Party

I mean who doesn’t like parties? They are a great way to catch up with friends, eat good food, play fun games, and socialize. Plan a party, and let all of your friends try your favorite IdealLean products. Tell them why you love us and the success you have had since using our products.

Workout Together

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So you love Trainer Lindsey’s 6 Week Challenge?! Get some friends and work out together doing one of Lindsey’s workouts. Having a gym squad or workout squad not only is a great system of support, it fosters accountability, keeps things competitive, plus it is just fun to work out with others! Then you can tell them about the rest of the program, the great meal plans, and all of the other helpful features that have kicked your butt and helped to get you into killer shape (insert flexing emoji here).

Keep it Old School

If you prefer to do things old school, we salute you. You can make fliers and post them around the neighborhood, you can tell other parents about it at PTA, sporting events, services, your gym etc. Opening your mouth and talking to people doesn’t go unnoticed. I mean you don’t have to be a walking advertisement… exercise and healthy living can come up naturally in conversation, and that is a great segway into talking about IdealFit.

You Do You


If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of those other ones, that’s totally fine too! Just lead by example. Sport IdealFit gear, use our products at the gym while you’re working out hard, or make your friends food using our products. People will notice and they might just approach you, or they may wonder what the “secret ingredient” was in your cooking. You do you, boo boo.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know if you have any genius ways to make the most out of this program.

Make Money Referring Products You Love

At IdealFit we are passionate about what we do. We believe in our products and programs so much, and we really hope that you believe in them as well. And if you do, this program is definitely for you!

We want you to be rewarded for what many of you are already doing. So what are you waiting for!? Get started now! Click this link.

Then you can start shopping for some of your fave IdealLean products with your discount… or try some new goodies.

Introducing the New IdealFit Referral Program

Karina Elle

Karina Elle

Fitness Model

Karina Elle is a professional fitness model and creator of the 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge.

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