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Something that we pride ourselves in here at IdealFit is making products that are JUST FOR YOU!

That is right ladies, no need to funnel and search through the protein powders and supplements that are designed to make you look like you have biceps for brains and are just for men.

If are looking for somewhere to get started or need that extra boost on your fitness journey, you have arrived.

My name is Lindsey Mathews, a certified nutritionist, trainer, and a National Figure Competitor. Let me give you the grand tour of our most popular IdealFit products so you can see for yourself how they can support your weight management goals!

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IdealLean Protein

There are SO MANY protein powders out there that are packed full of ingredients that are especially made for….men.

But what about us women?

We need a protein that is specially designed for us.

That is why here at IdealFit we formulated IdealLean Protein with ingredients that are specifically designed for YOU!

In IdealLean Protein we made sure to include ingredients that will help us women get results.

Some HUGE benefits of IdealLean Protein include:

  • 20 grams of Whey Protein Isolate
  • low fat, sugar, carbs

We suggest taking IdealLean Protein within 30 minutes post workout and whenever you need a high protein snack throughout the day!

Finally, a protein that is made by women, for women.

IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake

I don’t know about you, but it just seems like there are not as many hours in a day as there used to be.

With running errands, working out, and all of the unexpected things that happen every day it just seems like there is no way to make everything work.

One of the first things to usually go in these chaotic days is taking the time to make a healthy meal and do meal prep for the next day.

This is where IdealLean Meal Replacement Shakes can come in and save the day!

This shake makes it possible to get a quick, nutritious, and lasting meal, wherever you go. It also provides you with the nutrients you need to sustain yourself until your next meal.

Other health benefits include:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • 20 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate Blend
  • 5 grams of fiber

We recommend taking IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake 1-2 times a day depending on if you are following one of our weight management meal plans. You should use these shakes to replace whatever meal you are going to miss.

You can learn more about how our IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake can help in on your own fitness journey HERE.

Meal Replacement Generic

IdealLean BCAAs

BCAAs stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids and they could be the missing ingredient in your fitness routine.

These BCAAs are essential for muscle growth and recovery which can help you get up and going the next day after a gruelling workout.

Some of the other benefits that you can get with every scoop are:

  • The IdealLean Fat-Loss Blend
  • 0 Fat, 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs
  • 5,000 mg High-Quality BCAAs in 2:1:1 Ratio

We recommend taking taking IdealLean BCAAs during your workouts, throughout the day on non-training days, and between meals on an empty stomach.

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formulated for maximum recovery get yours here back of kristi

IdealLean Pre-Workout

I think there is one thing that we all have in common.

It comes at us in the middle of the day, whenever we actually have time to sit down, or even when there is a long awkward pause in a conversation.

This thing we all have in common is constantly feeling tired.

When we have no energy it is almost impossible for us to muster the motivation and crush a workout (or even work out at all).

That is with Idealfit has formulated IdealLean especially FOR YOU!

With every scoop of IdealLean Pre-Workout or our IdealLean Stim-Free Pre-Workout, you are getting a clean energy boost that can fuel you for your workout and beyond.

Some of the other benefits that you will also receive are:

  • Improved Endurance & Intra-Workout Pump
  • Vitamin B
  • Clean energy and focus

We recommend taking IdealLean Pre-Workout 20-30 minutes before working out by mixing one scoop with 8-10 oz of water. If you are just starting off with pre-workout we recommend starting with ½ – 1 scoop to assess tolerance.

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Ladies it’s time to feel the burn.

IdealLean Burner is designed especially for women who are ready to rev up their metabolism and get a blast of energy.

Each capsule contains natural caffeine to give you a clean energy boost while speeding up your metabolism to help in weight management.

Other benefits of IdealLean Burner include

  • Supports Thermogenesis
  • Extra Focus
  • Metabolism Support

To start, take one capsule with 16 oz. of water in the morning before breakfast. After one week, if desired, begin taking an additional one capsule before lunch. Do not exceed more than two capsules per day.

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IdealFit Challenge: Think You’re Ready?

Looking for some bootylicious workouts that are sure to give you some lean and mean results without breaking the bank?

Look no further ladies, because you are in the right place.

We have four absolutely FREE 15 day challenges that include complete workouts, meal plans, and support through our dedicated coaches.

Did we mention they were FREE? Because they are.

Trainer Lindsey’s – 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

I have spent countless hours preparing this absolutely FREE 15 day challenge that is backed behind my years of fitness knowledge and experience.

Everyone who signs up will receive

  • Workouts that will help you blast the fat away
  • Meal plans that are easy and delicious
  • Live support so you can get your questions answered
  • And much, much more!

These workouts will get your heart beating and they only last 20 minutes. You will be amazed with the tone and fat loss you can achieve with just 20 minutes of exercise a day!

Included with this free program is 13 workout videos which I will show you how to do the exercises with correct form.

I have also put together the perfect bundle to go with my training program that will help maximize your results (also for a super cheap price!)

Get a tub of IdealLean Protein and IdealLean BCAAs for only $61.99! 

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Trainer Lindsey's 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

Kaytlin Neil’s 15 Day Fight The Fat Challenge

If you have ever wanted to fight your fat away, you just found the perfect training partner in Kaytlin Neil.

Kaytlin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and MMA fighter so she knows a thing or two about punching fat straight in the face.

With her 15 day FREE challenge you will get

  • Training, coaching & support
  • Meal plans that are very easy and delicious
  • Kick-butt workouts designed to fight the fat

That’s not all… Kaytlin put together her very own trainer package to help you reach your ideal body.

In her package you get one tub of IdealLean Protein and IdealLean BCAAs for the knockout price of $61.99

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Join the fight with Kaytlin’s 15 Day Fight the Fat Challenge!

15 Day Free Fight the Fat ChallengeKarina Elle’s 15 Day Fit Model Fitness Challenge

While building our muscles to be lean and strong is important, even more important is building self confidence to feel happy in your own body.

No matter where you are along your fitness journey our very own fitness trainer, wellness coach, and model Karina Elle is here to help.

With this FREE program you will get

  • Free workouts that will get you sweating and boost confidence
  • Free simple and delicious meal plans
  • Karina’s tips and trick for confidence in the body and mind

Karina has also put together her very own trainer package to help you look good and feel good. It includes for the slim price of $63.99 one tub of IdealLean Protein and any flavor of IdealLean Pre-Workout. 

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Join Karina today and remember ladies when you feel great, you look great!

Join the 15 Day Fit Model Fitness ChallengeCoach Kristi’s 15 Day Ready, Set, Run! Challenge

The minute you sign up for this challenge you are getting access to the Coach Kristi, the  speedy certified running and triathlon coach!

With this FREE program you will be racing to your ideal body with

  • Running and cross-training workouts that are EFFECTIVE and burn fat
  • Meal plans that will make your mouth water
  • Training, coaching, and support

Coach Kristi isn’t done yet, because she has put together an amazing bundle that will leave you with a runner high. For $54.99 you can get one tub of IdealLean and one tube of IdealLean Electrolytes. 

Sprint to these savings HERE now and use the code READYSETRUN15 at checkout!!

Join the race with Coach Kristi Monk today!

What Are You Waiting For?

Wherever you are in your fitness journey IdealFit is here to help you.

Let us help you, by showing you what it is like to have powders and supplements that follow our three keys to success.

  1. Designed for Women
  2. Delicious Products
  3. Proven Results

Alright, we can’t hold it in any longer.

We are SO confident that you will absolutely love our products that we want to give you something special.


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Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Lindsey Mathews is the Head Trainer and Nutritionist at IdealFit. She is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, C-ISSN certified sports nutritionist, Pn. 1 certified nutrition coach, and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Before joining IdealFit, she ran the largest boot camp program in Utah County.

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