Fighting Back: How to Deal With Injuries

Kaytlin fighting in the ring how to deal with injuries

Injuries are NO fun, but having them doesn’t mean you need to stop taking steps towards achieving your goals.

There is always something you can do!  

Whether it’s drinking more water, reducing your stress levels, following a healthy meal plan, going out for a walk, making sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night, or resting the injured area and working out a different body part.  

You don’t have to put your goals on hold while you’re injured!   

Today I am going to tell you all about the different types of injuries and what you can do to get back on your feet fighting again!  

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This is when there is a specific event that happened that you can remember that causes the injury to happen.

I.E. getting hit, or breaking your bone or your shoulder falling out of its’ socket when you fall.

Aka when I threw out my shoulder in one of my fights, talk about bad timing 😉

Treatment during this phase:

Go to your doctor and seek help! These injuries can be painful so be patient and do whatever your doctor says.

Kaytlin Fighting After Injury


These injuries come from overuse.

That means constantly stressing a body tissue without proper recovery.

These can come from bad workout programs, too hard of exercise programs for the athlete, not giving your body the correct nutrition it needs to recovery properly, or poor technique on the athlete’s part.  

Treatment during this phase:

The biggest thing during this phase is to be patient! Injuries take time to recover. You should refrain from using the injured muscle until it has time to heal. Try gently stretching the injured area when advised by your doctor.  

Tissue Healing

Inflammation phase: lasts 2-3 days. the injury becomes red and swollen to remove the damaged cells. This is definitely the most painful stage.

Treatment during this phase:  


  • Rest – Take time to STOP what you are doing and lay low. Our bodies need time to heal.
  • Ice – It’s time to cool things down and put some ice on your injured area for 10-20 minutes 3 times a day.
  • Compression – To help decrease swelling, wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage.
  • Elevation – Elevate the injured area while you are resting and icing. The area should be higher than your heart to help reduce swelling.

Kaytlin in the ring resting on the ropes

Repair Phase

This is where you body starts replacing the damaged tissues with new collagen fiber. During this time scar tissue can develop, but these aren’t necessarily that strong of tissues.

This phase starts as early as 2 days after an injury and can last up to two months.

Treatment during this phase:

Rest the area and avoid resistive exercise (aka weighted exercise or body weight exercises targeting that area) but don’t avoid complete movement in this area. You don’t want the collagen to build in a way that you don’t have full range of motion anymore.  

Remodeling Phase

This is where the weaker tissues that were laid down in the repair stage become strong.

They improve in structure, strength, and function. It can last 2-4 months after the injury.

Although the tissues are strong and the athlete can go back to training, the tissue will probably never be as strong as it was before the injury.

Treatment during this phase:  

Exercises can be performed as long as it is pain free!  

The Mental Game of Injury

Obviously this article isn’t meant to disregard anything your doctor or physical therapist says.

Follow their advice!

This is just to help you understand your injuries a little more.

So ladies, make sure you’re taking care of your body during each of these phases of healing, but don’t put your goals on hold during these times!

Continue eating healthy and giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal, and exercise the part of your body that you can and when your body is ready, get back to killing it! 

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