6 Week Challenge

Gain Fit Model Confidence with the 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge

I am so excited to announce that my newest challenge is officially here! Working out at the Mecca (Gold’s Gym), I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the top athletes, trainers, fitness models, and gurus in the business. So I’ve been able to draw upon their expertise and mine to create a new program for you that really works.

My 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge is a gym-based program. I love the gym so much because it is a place where you can sweat it out and purge any negativity for a daily refresh. It is also a place to connect, build friendships, train with others, move, laugh, and enjoy. It’s so great to have a spot that brings together like-minded, motivated people who are working to get healthier, stronger, and better.

My gym-based workouts will push you, my meals are simple to make and taste delicious, and my private Facebook community will help you when you need it, to offer support, love, and encouragement.

This challenge has all you need to be successful and create healthy habits. You’ll be training the same way I do to get photoshoot ready, year round. But remember it isn’t just about weighing a certain amount, it is about being confident in yourself—being healthy, happy, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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Exercise = Endorphins


Often times we think that “once I get to a certain weight, I will be happy.” But happiness doesn’t come from weighing a certain amount. When I was a fashion model, I was around some of the most beautiful women, who were ABSOLUTELY miserable. We look at some people and think that they have it all going on, but the thing is, most of the time they don’t.

We all have our struggles, we all have insecurities. That is NORMAL, it is human nature. The longer I was modeling the more unhappy I was. I was told that I needed to look a certain way, to weigh a certain amount, to have a certain skin tone—to be successful.

So I stepped back from that toxicity. And returned to my first love—fitness. When I got back into fitness I was HOOKED. Those happy endorphins were what I needed to keep me going. I felt good, I felt like I had a purpose, I felt strong, confident, and empowered.

Then I kept on going to see what else my body was capable of, and I found it was capable of so much. I love to push myself to see if I can go longer and harder than before. I go in with a purpose. And I crush it.

When you have a much deeper reason for getting fit then the esthetics, that is when you will see change. Find your “why”. This is how I approach fitness and how I have designed my challenge as well. My 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge is much more about an attitude; it’s an empowered way of living, and owning who you are while making a transformation from the inside out.

How is This Challenge Different Than Others?

My new 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge was created after the way that I train myself. I created this program because fitness can be so powerful and all encompassing. It can help to simplify other areas of your life, it can help you to discard what’s weighing you down, it leaves room for clear space and a clear mind, and it helps to channel your energy—good or bad, happy or sad, into movement.

My challenge is designed to help you build lean muscle, burn fat, and gain the confidence of a fitness model. The FMF Challenge is different because it is a gym based program, that is flexible. I don’t believe in too many restrictions—living a healthy lifestyle needs to be doable and enjoyable, so I include at home HIIT workout variations for when you just can’t get to the gym, 8 or more meal options for every meal, effective quick workouts, and support.

The #strongissexy and #chickswholift movements are so powerful because they promote healthy body images and they are achievable for all women. Gain the confidence that comes as a result of training with my 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge. Plus, when you sign up for this challenge you will also get so much more!

What Can You Expect With This Program

kKarina cooking in the kitchen

1. Options. So. Many. Options.

With at least 8 meal options per meal, you can cater this program to fit you and your preferences.

Choose your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options, and eat them as you wish. Switch things up, or stick to the same meals. It’s totally up to you!

2. Results-Based Workouts

Workouts that are divided into three different sections to sculpt your muscles, burn fat, and stretch it all out. You will have instructional videos, and an eBook for reference so that you will never feel lost.

3. Complete Recipes

There are over 36 recipes included in this program, like strawberry and ricotta french toast, thai quinoa bowls, and shrimp spring rolls. With that many options, you can change things up as often as you like to keep things new and exciting.

4. Support

You will get support from your gym community, the private community, and me.

This part is so vital to your success. When you have others that are cheering you along the way and keeping you accountable, sticking to and loving your program is totally doable and so enjoyable.

5. My Secret Weapon

I count on IdealLean supplements to help me get through my workout, help my muscles recover, and promote fat loss and lean muscle growth.

In my challenge, you will get instructions on how to incorporate supplements into your regimen for your best results.

6. Meal Planning Template

I get that meal planning can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start, and other times we just really don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen figuring out what we can and can’t eat.

That’s why I have included a downloadable meal planning template to simplify things for you. Simply plug in the foods you want to eat for the week, and you’re set!

7. Grocery List Template

I have also included a downloadable grocery list template to make grocery shopping a breeze.

With all of these tools you can reach your goals, transform your mind, and gain fit model confidence. Sign up for my Challenge by clicking on the link below. Let’s get sweaty!

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Karina Elle

Karina Elle

Fitness Model

Karina Elle is a professional fitness model and creator of the 6 Week Fit Model Fitness Challenge.

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