7 Funniest Gym Fails and How to Avoid Them

Gym fails: We’ve all watched them…and practically died laughing. Some are more cringe-worthy than funny and we can only hope they didn’t do any permanent damage.

But if we’re being honest, it’s gifs like these that make us fear the gym like the plague. We don’t want to become the laughing stock of our gym, or the internet. Embarrassment and damaged ego aside, you also don’t want to land yourself in the ER because of an epic gym fail.

Instead of letting your own potential gym fail scare you off, we’re giving you the break down so you can avoid their fate!

Here are our 7 favorite gym fails and how to avoid them.

Keep Things Simple

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This is probably the most common, and the easiest, gym fail to fix. Stop trying to do a million things in one move, instead separate them out. Each element of this exercise is difficult enough as it is! Don’t try to string together exercises that don’t belong together.

If an exercise seems too easy don’t try to up the ante. Instead, focus on achieving the correct form and challenging yourself with the amount of weight you’re using.

Play by the Book

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When you’re new to working out, don’t try and get creative, do your research and learn the basics first. There are plenty of different workouts and exercises designed to target every muscle group, don’t try and come up with something new and different.

Plus, if you try to get creative you’ll not only end up looking ridiculous, you could also hurt yourself. If you don’t know how to use a certain piece of gym equipment (like this lady!) look at the machine itself, there is usually a tag or plaquard that shows you the different exercises you can do. If the machine itself doesn’t have instructions, google it.

Use Good Equipment

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This mostly applies to the home gym goer, but it’s good advice for anyone. Use equipment that is in good working condition. If you’re using a treadmill, or weights that are cheap quality: BEWARE! They could end up falling apart right in the middle of your sweat sesh, leaving both you and your ego bruised. Don’t take that chance!

For all you gym goers: If you ever notice equipment at your gym that is damaged report it to an employee or trainer right away.

Push Yourself… But Don’t Overdo It

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There’s a difference between pushing yourself to the max and overdoing it. If you start feeling sick to your stomach, like you’re going to pass out or like you can’t finish a set safely, stop! When you push yourself too far you’ll likely end up injuring yourself, which will not get you the results you want.

Plus, the most effective exercise is one that you complete with good form. When your form starts to slack off, you’re not getting the most out of the exercise.

Ensure Safe Surroundings

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It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, the gym, or the park, make sure you’re in a safe environment. If you have to lock fluffy or fido in your bedroom for an hour while you workout, that’s ok, it’s safer for both of you that way.

When you’re at the gym make sure the people around you are being safe. If the person “working it” on the treadmill next to you is a gym fail waiting to happen, don’t put yourself in their path of destruction.

Use Common Sense

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If the phrase, “I wonder what would happen if…” crosses your mind, don’t do it. Back away from the exercise ball and you’ll be just fine! But really though, don’t do something that you think will turn out badly.

If you really don’t think you can do a certain exercise, use certain equipment, or reach a certain weight, that’s ok. Ask someone for help, do some research whatever you need to do, just don’t do something you might regret later.

Wear the Right Clothes

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Flip flops and skinny jeans are fine for a day at the mall but you’re not going to wear them to the gym, right? Right! Be sure to wear clothes that aren’t going to either get in your way or restrict you.

Those super-baggy, ultra-comfy sweats are great for lounging around the house but if they’re going to get in the way of you safely completing your workout, leave them behind. Fitted yet  stretchy clothes are best because they allow you to move freely without getting in your way.

(Also, make sure your gym buddy isn’t a jerk.)

The Takeaway

Just remember to be smart, be safe, know your limits and don’t get crazy! Everyone has to start somewhere so don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll start to pick things up and before you know it newbies will be asking you questions!

Oh and have fun!

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