Your Ultimate Fitness Travel Guide

With as crazy as life can get, maintaining a consistent workout regimen while at home is quite the accomplishment.

Working to maintain any kind of routine while on the road can often feel like nothing short of a miracle.

Keeping up with your fitness goals while traveling can be daunting, as well as a source of stress, but it does not have to be!

The beautiful thing about exercise is that it is not constrained by the time of day, your location, or the equipment you have access to.

If prepared, you are capable of attaining your fitness goals from absolutely anywhere!

Here are 6 golden points that not only make fitness while traveling more feasible but can also allow it to become a source of great enjoyment rather than stress.

1. Let Go of Rigidity!

Traveling is a great time to practice adaptability.

Having a different routine every day and not being able to eat and work out exactly how you are used to can really throw off your groove.

A lot of fitness media pushes the ideal of having a  rigid and strict lifestyle. In reality though, isn’t one of the very purposes of fitness being adaptable in all areas of life?

If workouts or eating habits are getting in the way of new experiences and opportunities in your life, that should raise some red flags.

Learning to embrace the opportunities life throws at you can open so many doors. But this can only be done if you are willing to become adaptable.

So be ok with breaking that routine and changing it up!

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2. Try New Things

When away from your home base, utilize this opportunity to experience new methods of exercise.

Whether you are on a fast-paced business trip, or relaxing vacation there is always something new to try.

This can range anywhere from hiking to cycling, or snorkeling to running. You can also try out a new sport or sign up for a one-time class in the area.

Take advantage of what is around you on your travels in order to experience new ways in which you can progress towards your fitness goals.

3. Body-Weight Workouts

There are limitless variations of body-weight workouts that are available to you, sometimes it can just be difficult to find ones that you enjoy.

Some of my favorite exercises can be found here.

Body-weight workouts can consist of a myriad of different movements, catered to fit your exercise goals.

Write down or screenshot a couple of these workouts to take with you on your travels. This allows you to not only be prepared with a workout but also to get exercise in without the need for any equipment.

There are even Crossfit workouts that are purely body-weight and that can be done in a hotel room, on a beach, or wherever you may find yourself on your travels.

These are a fantastic way of keeping up with your regular workout schedule if that is something you are looking for while you are away.

4. Walk

Walking can burn anywhere from 180-240 calories per hour depending on several factors.

If you are purposeful with your steps while sightseeing or getting to your next meeting, walking can become a solid way to get your exercise in!

Functional movements such as simply walking more than usual can be a great form of exercise, and allow you to incorporate movement into what you already have planned.

5. Snacks Can Change It All

Eating can be one of the biggest challenges faced when on the road, and this can play a huge part in our fitness while we travel.

Often while traveling, you might have little say over the types of meals you eat, and meal planning can be a lot more difficult.

But this is totally OK!

Going back to that point on letting go of rigidity, food should not be dictating our travel plans either.

This is where snacks can be an incredible tool for you, compelling you to want to be more active as well.

Rarely is your first inclination to hit the gym straight after consuming a bunch of junk food. Even if you do go to the gym, your energy levels will drop much faster than if you had a nutritious snack high in protein or other nutrients.

Simple sugars, like those found in sweets, break down extremely quickly and only provide energy for a short amount of time.

Be diligent about the snacks you are consuming while traveling. Ensure they are nutritious and energizing and that they can fuel your exercise.

This will allow you to not stress as much about the types of meals you are eating!

6. Plan Ahead

One of the biggest reasons people fall short on their fitness goals while traveling is a lack of preparation.

This does not mean scheduling out every minute of your day in order to ensure you are getting enough steps or burning the exact amount of calories needed.

On the contrary, when you are traveling, worrying about exercise should not be high on your list of priorities.

Rather, if you just take a few extra moments prior to your trip to schedule in a hike, or screenshot some body-weight workouts you can do before you head out for the day, you are setting yourself up for success.  

Schedule in time to walk to your destinations rather than driving, pack your own nutritious snacks, and have them on hand, ready to go!

Plan ahead, and then relax and enjoy your travels.


More than anything, traveling should not revolve around your exercise and diet, but your regimen can work around your traveling.

By using these simple hacks, your trips can be a routine of their own, and an asset to your fitness journey!

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Siena Becker

Siena Becker

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