7 Fitness Benefits of Yoga

Are there any fitness benefits of yoga? Many people often find themselves asking this question. In short, there are many fitness benefits of yoga and it is definitely worth trying and integrating into your fitness routine for a variety of reasons.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India. It is both a spiritual and physical practice. People often think yoga is slow or people assume they are not flexible enough, however, there are so many brilliant fitness benefits of yoga that you may not realize. Yoga carries many misconceptions and practicing yoga can benefit your fitness goals. In a recent study, it was discovered that 79% of yogis engage in other forms of exercise such as running, cycling and weightlifting. Yoga is a practice that can complement your fitness routine and fitness goals, and we are going to explore why…

Heather Jenson's fitness benefits of yoga

What are the fitness benefits of yoga?

Improves your flexibility

The poses in yoga will often stretch out your muscles and ultimately it will improve your flexibility. If you go to the gym frequently, you may feel like your muscles can be very tense and tight. As yoga stretches the muscles, in turn, this will improve the range of motion you have in related joints. Increased flexibility ultimately decreases stiffness, and can result in greater ease of movement when training. Also, you will be less likely to hurt yourself in the gym. Improved flexibility can also help speed up muscle recovery after the gym, along with your IdealFit protein shake.

Builds muscle strength

Did you know that  73% of American yoga practitioners said they became physically stronger? Many yoga poses require leg strength, upper body strength, and core strength. Therefore, yoga is a fantastic practice to build muscle strength all over your body. A lot of the poses use your body weight to tone and strengthen your muscles. For example, the Chair Pose works the muscles of the arms and legs, while Boat Pose strengthens your abs.

Increases blood flow

Any increase in the circulation of blood flow around the body improves oxygen levels in the blood and increases the blood flow to the brain and other vital organs which is important for the health of your body. Ultimately, a healthy blood flow can help flush out toxins from your body and provide your body with nourishment and energy, and yoga is known for increasing the blood flow in the body. Improved blood circulation can also promote healthy skin and hair which is an additional benefit.

Improves your balance

Many yoga poses require balance, such as the Tree Pose, and Half Moon Pose. Improving your balance can help your weight lifting gym routine. Improving your balance will benefit your gym routine as muscle imbalance can be one of the main causes of injuries in the gym.

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Strengthens your core

Many yoga poses engage your core and help strengthen your abs, such as Plank Pose, the Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog and Eagle Pose. A strong core is an important aspect of a well-rounded fitness routine. Not only can it improve the number of sit-ups you can do, but strong core muscles are important for many athletes, such as dancers and runners, as a weak core can lead to fatigue, injuries, and backache. A strong core is also necessary for successful kettlebell workouts.

Helps your breathing

Practicing yoga can also help your breathing. In some yoga practices, you practice breathing techniques when holding strenuous poses. Many runners practice yoga as learning how to control your breathing is an invaluable skill when it comes to breathing correctly, especially when you are running a half-marathon, for example.

Improves your posture

Poor posture can cause back problems, neck problems, and other muscle and joint problems. Improved posture is another one of the fitness benefits of yoga. If you improve your posture, you will be getting more of out your workout. With good posture, you will be more likely to be holding your weights correctly and so build muscle strength.

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