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Introducing Sheena Jibson – trail runner, outdoor lover, photographer, mom of two, wife, nursing student, Lyme fighter.

Before I got sick {with Lyme disease}, I ran often. I’d done a few relay races and half marathons, but I never really ran with a purpose. I thought I was eating healthy because I ate “low fat” food. As a family we ate more processed food than we should, and I never thought of food as “fuel” that my body needs.

Woman Trail Running

On my journey to get healthy, I had a doctor who encouraged me to cut out everything processed. He explained that my body was fighting off this disease and by loading it with processed food and fake stuff and not fueling it with whole and REAL foods, I was just making that battle harder. It made me think more about what was going into my body, and my family’s bodies as well. We slowly weeded out the processed stuff (it took years, it wasn’t overnight!), and sought out whole foods–grass fed meats, fruits, veggies, whole grains.

Nothing fancy, just real food.

I’m all for moderation in all aspects of life. I don’t obsess over food or my diet, I try hard to listen to what my body wants and I never feel guilty for eating too much dessert or pigging out on chips and salsa every now and then.

As I healed and cut out all the processed food, I also worked on cutting out all the other “junk” from my life. We realized we were always happiest outside, and it really didn’t take much to fill our needs. We packed up and moved to a rural community and cut our house size in half. As a family we try our best to live simply and feel committed to giving our kids experiences and memories instead of extra things we don’t really need.

family posing next to lake

Over the years I’ve ran a few races, anything from 10 miles to trail marathons and I’ve always done fairly well. I really have so many outdoor hobbies that keep me active and in shape, but trail running is my true passion. There is nothing like being on the trail for a few hours and feeling the strength of my legs carry me up the mountain. I switched from road to trail about 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back once. I love the challenge of the trail, planning my route, tripping over roots, running from moose…there is never a dull moment and no two runs are ever the same.

There is such a high that comes from feeling my legs burn up up up the mountain and then flying back down through the trees. My favorite distance is somewhere between 14 and 20 miles and looking down to dirt caked onto my legs, a new scrape with a trickle of blood, and my body being completely worn out in the best way. It’s hard to beat that feeling.

woman hiking in the mountains

I am not super awesome at training, I just get out when I can and don’t really stick to a schedule. I know I could do well if I really wanted to compete, but right now my kids are at such fun ages and my school schedule is so busy, I’d rather spend my Saturdays hiking with them over getting miles in to train so I’m just being patient. I know my day will come when I can be more competitive, I’d love to do a 50k next and I’m sure in the next few years I’ll be tempted with a 50 miler.

I’m currently in Nursing School. I’m just starting my second semester so I spend a lot of time sitting in class, just dreaming of when I will get outside next. I love learning about our bodies and how they work and I’m excited to work as a nurse and truly take care of people. I’ve learned from experience that a nurse can really make or break a patient’s day, and I look forward to the day I can share my passion for good health.

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The smile on Sheena’s face in every amazing photo she posts (@_sheenarae) is the true indicator of how much she loves her life and you can’t argue with that. Be sure to stop by her blog for more amazing insights, mind blowing photography, and some truly tasty (and good for you) recipes too.

Stand by for even more inspiring Females of Fitness coming your way soon!  

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