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They say dance is life, right? For Madison it certainly is! From drill team to a Dance Education major, her passion for dance runs deep! 

“I’m Madison Wheadon, I love writing, running, hiking, fishing, wakeboarding in Lake Powell, and above all, I love to dance! I come from a family of 5 kids where each of us had our own talents and passions. Growing up, I always watched my older sister dance which inspired me to start dancing myself. I had no idea then where dance would take me but what a fantastic journey it’s been!

I began dancing around age 9, it was something that I loved from the beginning and worked very hard to improve. At age 15, I had the opportunity to land lead roles in ballet productions including Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” and Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins.” I was a part of my school’s dance company in junior high and had my first experience choreographing during this period. I went on to make the drill team in high school and served as the president my senior year. During that same year, I also had the opportunity to compete as a soloist and placed in the top 5 at competition. I eventually began teaching at multiple studios close to my home town and went on to major in Dance Education at Utah Valley University, where I’m currently studying.

After being a part of many different dance companies and teams, I was able to see how powerful dance can be and how it can truly inspire people. It taught me discipline, creativity, and instilled a great amount of confidence within me. Dance has taught me how important it is to love and take care of my body! Over the years I had many teachers and coaches I looked up to and they became some of my greatest role models. Their collective example is what inspired me to become a dance teacher and share that passion and love for dance with others.


As a dancer, I like to switch up my exercise routine. Some days I’ll just spend time in the studio choreographing, but I also mix things up with running and other cardio activities to get my heart rate pumping. I also love stretching and strength training because these are vital areas to always improve as a dancer. I try to exercise 4 days a week—some weeks it’s more, some weeks it’s less.

What I love about dancing is that it is so much more than just exercise. It’s an artistic and healthy way to express yourself, and it never gets old!  I’m someone who can get sick of the same exercise routine very easily. With dance I’m always able to do new things and feed that creative fire, I love it!

I would love to continue dancing long after I graduate from college, whether that be as part of a company or as a teacher/choreographer. My goal is to teach and choreograph at a high school level and then eventually, open my own studio and create a fun, inspiring, learning environment for kids.  

I think the most important part of your own health and fitness is being able to find something you truly love and are passionate about! This is what dance is for me and what I hope to foster in those that I teach!”

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