Females Of Fitness – Mercedes Johnson


Mercedes is an incredible example of determination. After suffering a serious injury, Mercedes didn’t just give up and call it quits. Check out her incredible story below!

“I’m 64 years young, have four grown children, three grandchildren and one GREAT-grandbaby! It seems like I’ve always been active, I can remember lifting with the boys when I was a kid. As a teenager I discovered the power of shaping my body and growing my strength by eating right, exercise, and good old-fashioned hard work. I even did a few competitions on an amateur level! Later I became a personal trainer and began teaching fitness classes as well.

About 6 years ago I injured myself badly which resulted in multiple surgeries on my neck, rotator cuff, and both shoulders. My recovery was hard and forced me to quit my job, a job that I loved! Out of work and recovering from surgery I felt depressed and didn’t know what to do with myself. I went from 167 pounds of lean, healthy and strong muscle to a skinny, saggy mess. When I finally got the OK to start working out again I felt so frustrated over what I had lost. I went from bench pressing 100 pounds, to struggling to lift 5 pound dumbbells.

I knew I needed to find something to help lift me out of this cloud of depression so I started to run again. A few road races here and there and maybe a half marathon. Deep down I knew I needed to build my strength up again to get back to weight lifting – my true passion.

road race 4-11-2015 021

I also started researching workouts I could do at home and by chance stumbled across the IdealShape 12 Week Challenge. This looked legit so I signed up, ordered the shakes, drinks (IdealBoost), bars, and got started on what would turn into a great personal journey back to finding myself.

As a trainer I never recommended protein, products or programs to my clients unless I had tried them myself. I wish I had known about IdealShape all along! They are the best products I have ever used and I’ve tried a lot over the years. The nutrition plan and workouts helped me lean out and find my strength again. I’ve also done the 15 Day Challenge from IdealFit and I love the protein, pre-workout and BCAAs just as much.

My health is a huge priority. Watching my body change and grow stronger every day is what has always been what drives me. I’ll continue to do the challenges offered by IdealShape and IdealFit because I believe in them and they’ve truly changed my life for the better!

I love sharing my story and inspiring people. I want to let everyone know that health and fitness can and should be an important aspect of your life at every stage. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just get moving!”

Are you ready for a change? Jump on board the 6 Week Fit Body Challenge and get moving today!

trainer-lindsey 6 week challenge

*These women may or may not be actual users of IdealFit products, we simply want to share their story.



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