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Meet JulieAnn, mom to 6, wife to 1, family life blogger, lover of dark chocolate, an organized schedule, a good sweat and early morning runs!

“I consider myself to be the most fortunate girl in the world because of who I get to be surrounded by. I am married to my best friend and the mother of six healthy, amazing children (five boys and one sweet, baby girl) ages 5 months to 15 years.  My job is to keep our life running smoothly and filled with good things, as well as to ultimately present society with six responsible and capable humans who contribute positively to the world around them. It’s kind of a big one.  

Motherhood has required some significant sacrifices, but eliminating my personal interests and goals has not been one of them. I believe that continuing to pursue my goals and passions, even if little bits at a time, helps me to be a better, more emotionally available mother to my children while teaching them the importance of always striving to become one’s best self.

So, in addition to the titles I’ve claimed above, I also have a few other loves: playing the violin and piano, reading (mostly non-fiction), baking (though I generally don’t eat sugar or white flour myself, I can make these behave quite nicely in confections), home decorating, vegetables, music composition, hot showers sans kids, and keeping up with my family life blog: Harmony and Havoc.  Oh, and a perfectly grilled salmon filet, and dark chocolate…and of course fitness and nutrition!

I have always loved to sweat, I suppose it’s in my DNA. I’m always open to trying new workouts and routines. For many years, my workouts were primarily cardio intensive but about 10 years ago I got introduced to weight training and loved the body transformation that resulted when I combined it with my cardio regimen. I also recently discovered High Intensity Interval Training and found that those workouts fit nicely into my more heavily scheduled days. My typical workout week consists of 5-6 days alternating between cardio, H.I.I.T., and weight training. My most frequent cardio of choice is running. I try to compete in races as often as I can just to push myself a little more, but most of the time I go solo. I also love hiking (usually with a child on my back) and road biking.  

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