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Meet Doris Wolfgramm. She can squat the world and loves CrossFit, but her family always comes first. 

“I was born and raised in Tonga. I’ve been married for close to 13 years and have three beautiful children. My husband is also Tongan, but was born and raised in the US. Our family loves sports, and my husband helps coach our kids’ teams, but we love camping together most of all. Camping is the closest thing we have to my upbringing: no electronics, lots of relaxation, just family time together, out enjoying nature. Our kids learn to cook food over the fire and we are totally disconnected from the world, so we can just focus on us and what’s really important in life.

I can tell you right now that I’m not the fittest or most athletic person, but I love going to CrossFit. I love to lift heavy weights, squat, and do pretty much everything with the barbell. When my youngest was 9 months old, I wanted to do something to shed the baby fat. I found an ad for jazzercise and called the instructor to sign up. I started going at 5am, 5 days every week, until one of my friends told me about CrossFit. My friend and I completed that first workout together, and it was full of kettlebell swings, burpees, air squats, and sit-ups. I will never forget that day: we had to call the ambulance and I ended up at the emergency room thanks to that workout! I always joke about how expensive my first day of CrossFit was. Still, the next morning I went back and have been going regularly ever since.


I love the daily challenge and continually discovering that my body is such a powerhouse. CrossFit is more than just a workout for me, it’s a daily reminder of my spirituality and the many life lessons that I need to learn. It’s not easy, and most days I’m scared of the workout, but that drives me and keeps it interesting. I perform better when I’m challenged and have to look fear in the eye and attack it like everything depends on me at that very moment. I love how I get exposed to my weaknesses daily in this sport. It keeps me humble and striving to be better each day.

I hope to inspire women to never underestimate what their bodies can do. Each person is capable of being great in some physical way, your body is just waiting for you to unlock it. Every woman is built differently, and I want people to know I love my body just the way it is. We don’t have to be skinny to love ourselves. I don’t try to live an inspiring life for others but to be more of a role model to my own kids and I always try to be true to myself. If I can translate my passion for lifting weights to all areas of my life, I will be good.  

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My goal is to be able to CrossFit for as long as I can in life. This year I don’t care as much about lifting heavy weights and my numbers, I am more focused on not getting hurt and just being able to do this for a long time. I have no desire to compete because I don’t have the time to dedicate myself to training at that level. My strength comes naturally from being Tongan, but I struggle with gymnastic movements and any cardio (I feel like I need new lungs for that!). CrossFit is my outlet, my me-time where I can go to forget about everything for an hour while I focus on myself. I love where I’m at, and I can hang with the young ones during a workout and survive to the end. I’m in a place where I know my body well enough to know my limits, know when to go heavy, and know when to just take it easy. I used to only go to CrossFit if a friend was going with me; I needed that security blanket. I don’t need that anymore.

One piece of advice to anyone who is struggling with trying to do something to stay fit and healthy: keep doing whatever you do until it becomes part of you, like sleeping and eating and breathing. Keep doing what you do until you don’t care anymore if anyone is doing it with you.”

Doris found her motivation, and we want to help you find yours too. Our 6 Week Fit Body Challenge is just the thing you need to gain confidence and strength. 


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