Females Of Fitness – Brooke Lamont


Meet Brooke Lamont, mother of 5, wife to a med student, photographer, triathlete, competitor, chronic “Survivor” audition tape maker.

“Time is limited because I have 5 kids ages 2 to 15 and a husband who is close to graduating from medical school at the University of Utah. He’ll be 41 when that happens! We uprooted our family in 2009 to pursue this path after life took a few unexpected turns and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a true adventure!  

My racing started when a friend dared me to sign up for a half marathon the actual week of the race. I ran slowly but I loved the atmosphere and camaraderie I felt with the other racers around me. I’ve since run 7 marathons, biked two 100 mile races, and competed in several triathlons of all distances.

I’m currently training for my 4th half-Ironman, which means that I wake up at 4am Monday through Friday so I can get my workout in before I start carpool for my teenager and his friends, and then manage the rest of my day with my family from there. I swim 2 miles every week, run 8-16 miles a week, and bike 30-40 miles a week. I also squeeze at least 3 [cross-training] workouts in each week. I live for the crazy, cardio-driven endurance [workouts]. I’m definitely not any threat as far as throwing heavy weight around, but I feel so much stronger and more confident with strength training added in.

Every Saturday you can find us all on the slopes of Snowbird, our favorite local ski resort here in Utah. We’ve got 2 snowboarders and the rest are skiers. Even our 2-year-old is legit on the hill now with no assistance needed! Being up in the mountains where the air is clean and crisp and being active with my family means everything to me. Three of our kids are on the Snowbird ski and snowboard teams. It’s so rewarding as a mother to watch my kids challenge themselves to face and overcome their fears. They love to compete!

Just like my kids, I love competing too. I’d race all the time if the entry fees didn’t cost so dang much. I love the challenge of getting my mind right for difficult training sessions; you really have to put in the time and be 100% committed. Not all races go as planned, and sometimes I fall short of my goal. However, I’m still putting in the training hours, and those are hours that I’m keeping my mind and body healthy and strong. I also love showing my kids that I can do hard things, even if they act like they’re not impressed anymore (teens and tweens are just too cool…). I know they’re watching and I know they’re proud, and that’s all the motivation I need!


Photography is another passion of mine. You can find my work at or @brookiephoto on Instagram. I shoot weddings and families but I love portraits and street photography most of all. It’s almost as exhilarating and terrifying to approach a stranger on the street and ask to take their picture as it is staring down 26.2 miles. I work on my photography skills and expanding my business in between the time I spend with my family and training for races. It’s a busy life, but I love it!

Eventually, I’d love to get my personal training certifications and focus specifically on women’s fitness. Knowing how to help other women realize their strengths and limits and watch their confidence grow in that process is a huge goal of mine. I feel like women spend a lot of time tearing each other down to feel better about themselves when they could better spend their time figuring out how to build each other up instead. Self-confidence is vital for women like you and me. I’m nothing special! I just discipline myself and make time to work out. Anyone can do that!

One thing I can’t seem to do is get “Survivor” to give me a call back for any of the audition tapes I’ve made. I’ll eat anything for a buck, so can you imagine what I’d do for a million? Producers, CALL ME ALREADY, WILL YOU?”

5 kids and a husband in med school too! Brooke’s plate is pretty full to be sure. We love that she  carves out time for herself and makes getting outdoors with her family a major priority. Good luck with that Survivor audition, Brooke! It’s totally gonna happen someday!

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