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Meet B. She’s small but strong and and loves to run with the boys! 

My name is Brianna but I go by B. I am the oldest of four kids, and have a twin sister that looks nothing like me, in fact we’re total opposites and have been ever since we were little. I’ve always been a tomboy. Superman for Halloween, playing with cars, and joining sports teams with all the boys.

My two younger siblings were born with a double recessive disease that physically has left them in wheelchairs and mentally waaaay ahead of me. My parents are really good people, superheroes even, and they raised us to love and support one another always. Since I loved doing things with all the boys, they helped me get into any sport I wanted to play. My little brother would also push me to do some of the things he couldn’t, we’ve always been best friends. To this day I still love sports. I played rugby for years at UVU and our team was nationally ranked.

Because of a serious car accident I can’t play contact sports any more, if I get another concussion I’ll end up a human zucchini. So, for now I just lift for fun and pretend I am training to go back to nationals while I study health and nutrition at UVU. I lift three times a week and sometimes I get my mom to come and I train her too.


I have always been a small person in stature and I love that in weightlifting, size literally does not matter. I just love feeling strong and being competitive even though I can’t compete the way I used to anymore. I also have felt really motivated to prove myself that even though I’m small, I can be a powerhouse. I always enjoy being part of something bigger than myself. The teammates I have had in rugby are still here for me. We all still support each other and are like a big awkward, aggressive family. There are a lot of things that motivate me, I love it, I need it, and I am inspired by it.

I really try and live in the moment, but thinking about the future I just want to stay healthy and happy. I want to be able to play with my friends or kids (if I ever have them). I would love to get back into coaching and see people change their lives while helping me be better too. Of course I also have my own fitness goals of how much I want to lift and other things, but my main goal is just to be healthy and always stay strong.

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