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Meet Becca Hutton. Former college Track and Field athlete, Olympic Weightlifter, Bootcamp instructor, and a woman on a path to self-acceptance and joy!

“I grew up as the youngest of 4 kids and sports were always a big part of our lives. My brothers played lacrosse, and my sister played basketball and volleyball, and it was track and field for me. I first started throwing the shot put in eighth grade. In high school I picked up the discus, the javelin, and a dream to throw in college. My first year of university I started throwing the hammer and I wasn’t very good but I fell in love with it anyway. With a lot of hard work, it eventually became my best event.

I loved throwing through my college years and set high goals for myself. Despite all my hard work leading up to that, I was more inconsistent in all my events my senior season than any year before which was a really bitter pill for me to swallow. Truthfully, I’ve had to work really hard to be at peace with that disappointment since.

I wanted to throw the hammer 180 feet and my best was 171’8″. It was disheartening to fall short of my goal, devastating really. But almost a year later, I occasionally go throw that hammer, and I’ve found that I’m throwing the same distances I was last year. I can throw things really far and I’m really good at it. Who else can say they can throw an eight pound ball on a wire really really far? Now that I’ve stepped away from the pressures of competing I realize what a unique talent I have and suddenly it’s a lot more fun.

Something that really helped me find purpose and let go of the pressure was to get passionate about another sport, Olympic Lifting.

Olympic lifting has my heart because it plays to the same strengths that carried me as a track and field athlete, and mentally it challenges me to be better as well. When I see how heavy my programming is for any given day I sometimes think, “there is absolutely no way that I can do that.” But I try anyway because my coach believes in me and that helps me believe in myself. More often than not I hit the lift and feel like I accomplished something major for that day and proved myself wrong in the process.

In the past I’ve let myself feel like less of an athlete because I don’t have a necessarily skinny or perfect athletic physique that people might expect. The truth is that I feel amazing when I’m throwing or lifting. I found something that helps me appreciate my body and what it’s capable of instead of falling prey to pressures and unrealistic standards. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, thank goodness we’re not all the same!


Currently, I lift a few times a week and follow my heart on the other remaining days. Sometimes I go throw the hammer, ride my bike, or if I want to I just take a nap instead! I like to switch it up so that fitness and exercise always stay fun. I also teach a bootcamp class a couple of times a week where I make people do pushups, squats, and burpees and I absolutely love it.

When I get worked up about things in my life I know I can count on a good hard workout to wipe me out, and I leave feeling satisfied and happy instead of worrying myself into a place of unhappiness or stress.

I have a bucket list of fitness goals! I want to do a triathlon someday and I want to get a road bike. I like running, Zumba, yoga, and hiking too. I absolutely love racquetball! I’ve competed in a few tournaments and am hungry for more! I want to be one of those old ladies who can stand in the middle of the racquetball court and make all the young hooligans run from corner to corner chasing the ball. I want to compete in lifting and throwing competitions, races, and any other sort of competition that sounds fun.

If anything my journey over the past few years has led me to this discovery: there are so many different ways to feel good about yourself and your body. Find your passion, don’t let anybody take it from you, and for pity’s sake…get out of your own way!”

Just like Becca, sometimes our disappointments and shortcomings can motivate us on to bigger and better things. The sky’s the limit! Have you tried our 15 Day Challenge? It might be just the spark you need!


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