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Fat Burners For Women: Everything You Should Know

Hey, it’s Karina and I’m here to talk about fat burners made for all of us ladies!

Okay let’s get this out of the way, the magic weight loss pill does not exist. Surprise surprise, it takes hard work to reach your goals. Very tragic I know.

Eating healthy and exercising are the only ways to get a lean, healthy body. That being said, there are still things you can do to make it a bit easier for yourself.

A well-designed fat burner can help support your results by helping you to have more energy and your body to metabolize fat.

Okay, I’m about to dive in and take a look at everything you need to know about fat burners!

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What Ingredients to Look for

There are a ton of fat burners out there, so how do you find the right one out of all the madness? Don’t worry girl, I got you. These are just a few ingredients that are extra beneficial for getting that burn in.

Theobromine is an alkaloid found in cacao and it’s a stimulant similar to caffeine. It doesn’t taste like chocolate though, so that’s a bummer. BUT WAIT, it does do things like benefiting mood and it has a lasting effect; meaning you won’t dip in energy.

If you feel like chocolate helps your mood, you might just be feeling the effects of Theobromine! Round of applause for this guy!

L-Carnitine Tartrate is an amino acid that helps the body metabolize fat storage and it can also help to improve heart health.

There’s also evidence that it plays a role in muscle restoration and the body’s endurance ability. So it’s pretty helpful for those of us with sore muscles or just needing some extra energy when you’re dragging your butt to the gym.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA for those of us non-scientists) Research shows that CLA is able to help reduce fat. Well, that sounds awesome but you’re probably wondering how? More research is needed but it might shrink fat cells, or speed up metabolism.

CLA is actually a type of fatty acid chain. Omega-3’s are similar to CLA’s but not the same because it’s a trans-fatty acid (not to be confused with trans fat in processed foods). It’s a healthy fat found naturally that gives you energy. But the ratio of each type of chain is important for the overall effectiveness.

ThermoDiamine is also awesome cause guess what, it can help to alleviate water weight and nausea! Honestly, water weight is so annoying, bloating can make me feel 3 months pregnant. So this ingredient comes in clutch.

What to avoid: Banned ingredients

Like I said before there are a ton of fat burners out there and while some are good, others can be super sketchy. So here are some risky ingredients that are not going to be healthy for your body:

Oxilofrine, Methylsynephrine or P-hydroxyephedrine:

This ingredient is useful for stimulating the heart and is also used in some medical situations, such as enhancing heart function in patients under anesthesia. There is nothing to suggest that it helps with fat loss. Meaning it could have adverse effects on a regular healthy person that doesn’t need that. Yep, hard pass on that.

Still many sell this product in fat loss pills or pre-workouts, even though it doesn’t help with this. Sometimes there are such high doses of this ingredient that it can be as much as three times the usual dose. High doses could lead to heart palpitations, arrhythmias, and increased blood pressure. Are you sold yet? Yeah, not so much.

2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP):

This little pill has actually killed people! It works as a fat loss pill but has some really bad side effects, so bad that there have been 62 published deaths with this as the cause. It’s scary. So please avoid trying to use this product. Losing fat isn’t worth your life!

How to use a Fat Burner

If there’s caffeine in your fat burner, don’t use it at night unless you want to be hopping around like the energizer bunny at 3 am.

Typically, fat burners are taken once a day with plenty of water. So just pay attention to the label and don’t take more than is suggested.

How to maximize the results

You have to change your lifestyle if you really want to get those serious results. That means you gotta put in some work but that doesn’t mean that it has to feel awful! The best part about living a healthy lifestyle is that you can make the rules.

I do what I love every day when I train and that’s how I stick with it. If you need more guidance check out my free program!

Side Effects Of Fat Burners

If you’re not taking a pill with banned ingredients then probably the only thing you’ll really have to worry about is how much caffeine is in it and also whether to take it on an empty stomach.

With a product that contains caffeine, the best thing you could do is just make sure you are not using it at night.

Our Solution: IdealLean Burner

What if I told you all of those good ingredients were in one product? No, you’re not dreaming this is the real life.

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Yeah, we are excited too cause this fat burner is designed by women and made for women. Cause we run this mother.

We cut the ?  out so that means no random filler ingredients! We only want the best and most effective things out there to help you reach your fit body goals. We research our ingredients and make sure they are safe and effective.

Again it’s not a miracle pill but it definitely could give your goals that added boost. Here are just a few people who have tried it:


I love ideal fit products! They work extremely well for me and I get amazing results! There are a lot of negative reviews on here, but honestly, you can’t just take their products and hope to drop weight..you have to incorporate a good diet and workout plan as well! There is no magic pill..you have to put in the work if you want results! I have lost a lot of weight using their fat burners and BCAAs with my diet/workout plan! I have never been unsatisfied with this company! ��
-Melissa M.

The fat burner is great! No jitters, just energy, and better focus!
-Kathy H.

This is the best tasting protein powder ever. I’m so glad I found this company. These products have helped me lose 35lbs and I feel great!!! The ore workout gives me that boost I need for my workout and I never leave the house for work without my fat burner in the morning. I have recommended these products for the last year!!!! Cheaper than most companies and awesome customer service!!!!
-Angela G.

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