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Crying: Is It Good For You? Here’s Why Big Girls DO Cry!

A lot of people think of me as a “tough fighter” and are surprised that I’m actually a low-key HUGE crybaby!

But I’m not ashamed ladies, because do you know what? It is actually GOOD for you to cry!

That’s right… a good, old-fashioned cry sometimes is the thing you need to feel better. And trust me when I say your emotional health has a LOT to do with your fitness health. You can better focus on your training, you’re more motivated, and you’re able to keep your hormones in balance!

As you can imagine, preparing for a fight can be beyond stressful. In the middle of a fight camp I normally have one or two good crying sessions (…my poor coaches haha…) and after they’re done, I feel SO much better!

You may or not be an MMA fighter, but I’d wager to bet that you probably have quite a bit of stress in your life too, whether it be relationships, a crazy-hectic job, school, etc.

So why is crying good for you?

Let’s go through some of the major benefits that crying has to offer when it comes to your mood and health, so get your tissues out, ladies, and get ready for the waterworks! 🙂

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1. Natural Stress Relief

A woman crying at a table

I think it’s safe to say our lives are all pretty busy! Sometimes everything on my schedule and training plan will build up and overwhelm me, to the point where I feel so stressed that I can’t function!

But guess what? Shedding some tears is actually a natural way to relieve some stress.

According to Dr. William H. Frey II, Ph.D., a neuroscientist who has been studying the effects of crying and tears for over 15 years, “Crying is a natural way to reduce emotional stress.” Crying helps relieve stress because the tears that are shed are releasing the stress hormone, cortisol, from your system, which helps to reduce your tension.

That’s right! We have abuilt-inn stress-relief system, and all we have to do is cry!

So fight back against stress, and next time you are feeling super overwhelmed, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to have a good little cry. According to the research, you’ll be helping relieve stress, not to mention, being able to de-stress will help you stay focused on achieving your ideal!

Helps Detox Your Body

Opening the floodgates of emotion can not only help you feel emotionally detoxed, but it’s also scientifically proven to help your body release certain toxins that cause stress and even weaken your immune system and make you prone to sickness!

Say what?! But that’s not all. Crying also helps release the enzyme lysozyme which has antibacterial abilities to help your body kill germs and certain viruses more easily.

Having a good cry will help you rid yourself of some certain stress-causing toxins and also help support your immune system. That sounds like a good reason to go cry it out right now!

Mood Booster

Kaytlin recovering after a run

You all probably deal with mood swings, just like I do! And if you’re anything like me, on the days I am dealing with a pretty bad mood I just want everyone to leave me alone!

To try and boost your mood, you could try getting more vitamin D through your diet or from being outside, which has proven effects on helping you feel better and happier. You could also try some meditation like yoga, or just adding in about 30 minutes a day of being active into your day can help too.

But, when it comes to your moody blues, is crying good for you too? The answer is, well, YES!

When you cry, research shows that the act of expelling tears helps to lower your blood pressure and boost your mood through releasing those toxins that build up in your body when you are stressed or sad.

Your mood can become better after an ugly-cry session, because you are also allowing yourself to open up and let go of whatever feelings you are holding onto inside that are weighing you down. And we all know a better mood means you can stay motivated to stay on top of your workouts and healthy lifestyle!

Crying: It’s OK + Other Mood Supporting Activities!

Honestly, I think all of us could use a good cry more often! Crying has so many emotional benefits, we shouldn’t be so afraid to let the tears flow!

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether it is with your health and fitness goals, or with just anything in your life; don’t hold back those tears girl! Go ahead, let it out! Ugly cry your way to feeling better and less stressed!

There are two  other BIG things I do that I recommend you do as well to help support your mood and unwind a bit, not to mention they’ll also help you get lean, toned, and feeling REAL good!

One of them, I already mentioned above, is exercise. Exercise works wonders for not just your physical health, but emotional too!

It’s such a great way to focus on yourself, and I’ve found that putting yourself first pays BIG dividends in return. By working on your health, you’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Plus, if you need a little extra mood boost and even some additional help with your fitness goals, you can try supplementing with something like IdealLean Burner! It helps aid you in your fat loss efforts, and also helps support your mood! (And a little help with fat burning is nothing to cry about!)

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