Coconut Lemon Protein Bites

Some healthy coconut lemon protein balls

Grab-and-go snacks are the best! It’s even better when you can make them yourself. Let’s be honest, it can be really hard to find store bought snacks that are tasty and high-protein.

These coconut lemon protein bites are great. If you wanted to you could even change up the flavor to lime or orange by using different citrus juice and zest. Make a big batch of these tasty protein bites at the beginning of the week and portion them out in baggies. When you need a snack you can just grab-and-go!

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Coconut Lemon Protein Bites


  • 0.25c - almond flour
  • 1 - scoop French Vanilla IdealLean Protein
  • 0.5c - unsweetened coconut
  • 1tbsp. - lemon juice
  • 2tsp. - lemon zest
  • 1tbsp. - coconut oil
  • 1tbsp. - agave
  • 1tsp. - vanilla extract
  • - dash of salt


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Use hand to mix and knead ingredients together. Scoop out about 1 tbsp. of mixture and roll into a ball with hands.

  2. Optional: Roll in addition coconut to cover the outside of the ball.

  3. Set in fridge for 1 hour to chill and set. Makes about 8 balls.

  4. Serving size: 1 ball
    Calories: 90, Protein: 3g, Carb: 6g, Sugar: 3g, Fat: 7g

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