Best Tasting Pre-Workout Recipes Using IdealLean Pre-Workout

If you want to take your workouts (and your results) to the next level a pre-workout supplement is a great way to do it. But not all pre-workout supplements are created equal. You want a pre-workout supplement for women.

IdealLean Pre-Workout is designed for women. It has everything you need, without any of the stuff you don’t. Not only does it contain ingredients to boost your energy, focus, and endurance, it also has our IdealLean Fat Loss Blend to help you turn up the heat on your metabolism so you can get lean!

But one of the most overlooked requirements for a good pre-workout is the TASTE! If it doesn’t taste good, you’re not going to take it. Don’t waste your money on disgusting, chalky pre-workout supplements.

IdealLean Pre-Workout tastes great on its own or you can treat yourself with one of these tasty and refreshing recipes!

Pre-Workout Ocean Water Spritzer

Pre-Workout Ocean Water Spritzer with IdealLean Pre-Workout

1 scoop Blue Raspberry IdealLean Pre-Workout
10 oz coconut lime zero calorie sparkling water

1. Mix ingredients together until IdealLean Pre-Workout is fully dissolved. Pour into glass with ice and enjoy!

Calories: 0, Protein: 0, Carbs: 0 Fat: 0

Watermelon Berry Pre-Workout Ice Pops

1 c seedless watermelon, cut up
1 c strawberries, diced
1 scoop Watermelon Ice IdealLean Pre-Workout
10 oz water

1. Blend watermelon and strawberries in blender.
2. Mix together the pre-workout and water, and add to blended fruit. Quickly pulse mixture a couple of times.
3. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for 2 hours or until firm.
4. Remove from popsicle mold and enjoy before a workout.

Calories:100, Carbs:11, Protein:1, Fat:0

Watermelon Orange Energy Slushie

Watermelon Orange Energy Slushie with IdealLean Pre-Workout

1 tbsp. frozen orange juice concentrate
1/2 c unsweetened coconut milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 c ice cubes
1 scoop Watermelon Ice IdealLean Pre-Workout

1. Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Calories: 42, Protein: 0g, Carbs: 4g, Fat: 2g

Cucumber Melon Pre-Workout Refresher

Cucumber Melon Pre-Workout Refresher with IdealLean Pre-Workout

1/4 large cucumber, peeled and diced
1 scoop Watermelon Ice IdealLean Pre-Workout
10 oz zero calorie soda water
2 Fresh Mint Leaves

1. Blend all ingredients and pour in a glass with ice. Enjoy!

Calories: 11, Protein: 0, Carbs: 2g, Fat: 0

IdealLean Pre-Workout Slushie

1 scoop IdealLean Pre-Workout (We used Blue Raspberry)
16 oz water

1. Mix together water and IdealLean Pre-Workout until dissolved.
2. Pour mixture into ice cube molds. Freeze for 2 hours.
3. Remove from freezer and pop ice cubes into a high powered blender. Blend ice cubes until they crush up into slushie form.
4. Feel free to pour even more pre-workout liquid over crushed ice to make it extra flavorful! Enjoy the slushie with a spoon or straw.

Calories: 0, Protein: 0g, Carb: 0g, Fat: 0g, Sugar: 0g

Your pre-workout supplement doesn’t have to taste nasty, in fact it shouldn’t if you want to see long-term results. If you don’t have time to whip up a refreshing pre-workout treat, that’s OK! IdealLean Pre-Workout tastes delicious, making it easy to enjoy all of the benefits like increased energy, focus, endurance, and fat burn.

Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

Writer and expert

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