BCAAs: Everything you need to know

Ever wondered, what exactly are BCAAs? Well if you follow fitness influencers on Instagram, you can bet that they will have posts on their feeds featuring BCAAs which they usually drink during and after their workouts. This is because BCAAs are such a great supplement to incorporate into your fitness routine, especially if you love working out several times a week! We’ll explain why later, but first, let’s get into the basics! 

What Are BCAAs?

First of all, “BCAA” stands for “branched-chain amino acids.” These amino acids make up 35% of your muscle mass.

BCAAs are “essential,” which means that they must be consumed through what you eat and drink, as opposed to “non-essential,” meaning that your body can manufacture them for you with proper nutrition.

Many foods which contain high amounts of protein also contain high amounts of BCAAs, so if you eat a lot of protein-rich food then you’re probably already fueling your body with sufficient levels. However, considering how beneficial BCAAs are, many athletes and fitness fanatics wanting to look their best selves add in a BCAA supplement, just to be sure they’re covering all of their bases!

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Why should I use BCAAs?

In a nutshell, BCAAs have been shown to help build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and reduce muscle soreness, therefore helping our bodies to recover quicker after an intense workout. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Here are key the benefits of BCAAs and why you should be incorporating them into your daily fitness regime:

  1. Building Muscle
    If your goal is to maximize lean muscle growth, supplementing BCAAs alongside protein is a great way to achieve it. So what role do BCAAs play in all this, you might ask?During an intense workout, your body’s glycogen and glucose stores rapidly deplete. However, the release of BCAAs triggers your body to continue synthesizing protein instead of ceasing protein synthesis due to the stress of exercise. (Protein synthesis is the process of making muscle which is exactly what we want!) Therefore BCAAs work by essentially helping to rebuild muscle tissue that is broken down during exercise.
  2. Reducing Muscle Soreness
    One of the best things about BCAAs is that they can reduce the length and severity of the pain your muscles experience 1-2 days after working out known as DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness). Trust us, we’ve all been there!So how do BCAAs do this? Well, studies have shown that they decrease muscle damage caused by exercise as they decrease protein breakdown during exercise and creatine kinase (which indicates muscle damage.) This ultimately speeds up muscle recovery, helping you to get the most out of your workouts each time!
  3. Reducing Muscle Fatigue
    Another key benefit of supplementing BCAAs is that they have been shown to reduce the impact of exercise-induced fatigue. For example, one study found that supplementing BCAAs reduces levels of serotonin which is thought to contribute to the development of exercise-induced fatigue, which therefore suggests that BCAAs help to prevent your muscles from becoming too tired during exercise.

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When to Take BCAAs?

Another common question we get asked is when the best time is to drink BCAAs? 

Generally, the best time to drink BCAAs is during your workouts or immediately after. This is due to the fact that BCAAs are effective in helping to build and repair damaged muscles from intense workouts, therefore it’s best to have them during and after an intense session to maximize recovery and prevent post-workout soreness. 

It’s also good to drink BCAAs throughout the day on non-training days. Why? As mentioned above, BCAAs play an important role in muscle repair and recovery, therefore having them on off-days, speeds up the repair process so that muscles have a faster, more efficient recovery. 

Why IdealFit BCAAs?

When coupled with regular exercise, BCAAs give you an edge on your training and recovery, placing you on the fast track to attaining your fitness goals, which is where we come in! 

IdealFit BCAAs for women were created to harness all of the benefits of BCAAs but without the high calories, sugar, or fat, making it the ideal BCAA supplement whether your goal is to build toned muscles, burn fat, or build strength (or even all three!)

In addition to providing high-quality BCAAs in a proven 2:1:1 ratio; it takes everything one step further by providing additional fat-loss compounds and workout-enhancing ingredients, allowing you to burn fat while increasing lean muscle mass, and ultimately helping you to get the best results possible!



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