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Become a Gym Goddess with the 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt

I’ve been amazed over the last year at how many of you have completed my 6 Week Fit Body Challenge (some of you several times over!). It’s been so inspiring seeing so many before and after pictures and reading stories of how your lives have been changed by committing yourselves to the workouts and meal plans I created just for you.

But I keep hearing over and over again, “we want more, we need more!” The transformations that challengers have experienced have been so much more than physical. They are as much internal as they are external, and with that comes a sense of empowerment and motivation to keep pushing.

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Having been in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a national level figure competitor, CISSN certified nutritionist, personal trainer and CSCS, I totally relate to that kind of transformation. I’ve experienced it myself!

So I set out to create a new plan to help take you to the next level. A way for anyone to raise the bar in their fitness journey and support the motivation you have to be a better YOU.

My 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt takes you from minimal-equipment, at-home workouts to heavy-lifting gym workouts and less of a focus on eating to lose weight and more of a focus on fueling your workouts.

Sculpt your ideal body

Become a gym goddess with my 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt. With new meal plans, and workouts you will be able to get into your best shape ever, and feel good from the inside out.

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But you may still be wondering…

How Is This Different From The 6 Week Fit Body Program?

In this program we move beyond the scale and focus more on increasing your fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism with some hard-core gym workouts. Body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight.

I’ve created two unique tracks to follow in the program, so that individuals can tailor it even closer to their own goals. There is a “Tone Track” designed to help you continue to get lean while still supporting muscle growth, and a “Strength Track” to completely focus on fueling muscle growth while helping you stay lean and fit.

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Most of all this program will teach you what body composition really means. It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

Does This Program Really Work?

It does!! I tested this program with women with various fitness backgrounds—some former 6 Week Fit Body Challengers, some who already work out in a gym, some who have done neither. The feedback was a lot of excitement from meal plans, and comments of wobbling out of the gym on leg day. And they wanted to keep going day after day.

Check out Kelli and what she had to say about the program :

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“I came across Trainer Lindsey about three years ago, when I was looking for a change. I wanted to learn more about fitness and nutrition, and how to achieve the self-confidence I’ve been lacking. Following this program has given me everything I’ve ever dreamt of and more!! Not only do I have my confidence back, but also gained so much knowledge. Trainer Lindsey’s program helps you step-by-step with how to eat right, how to workout (without killing yourself at the gym) and how to love YOURSELF—it’s all balanced!! And it’s easy to maintain after you know what to do. I’ve honestly never felt better! I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for that change. Get your confidence in the gym, learn to eat right, and feel beautiful in your own skin! That’s what it’s all about.”

What Can I Expect With This Program?

I’ve designed every detail in this program to support you and push to you be your best:

  • 8 AMAZING meal plans to choose from—you never knew a meal plan could be so delicious.
  • Full recipes, simplified meals to meet your macronutrient needs, and food substitution lists for individuals with a little more time to meal prep AND for those who feel like you need to keep your food more simple.
  • Pre-made grocery lists for fast meal planning and simple shopping.
  • 6 weeks of intense gym-based lifting and cardio exercises complete with real-time gym demonstration videos.
  • Access to experts and trainers, including me, Trainer Lindsey!
  • Private social community with dedicated fellow challengers.
  • Detailed supplementation instructions for protein, BCAA, and pre-workout intake that will take your results over the top.

If you’re ready to kick your fitness up a notch and get into the gym with some intense workouts, fueled by some amazing nutrition, sign up for the 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt Program now! When you do, you get …

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New From Trainer Lindsey: Introducing the 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt

Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Lindsey Mathews is the Head Trainer and Nutritionist at IdealFit. She is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, C-ISSN certified sports nutritionist, Pn. 1 certified nutrition coach, and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Before joining IdealFit, she ran the largest boot camp program in Utah County.

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