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5 Ab Circuits: Get Your Dream Abs

Get ready to start rocking some awesome abs! Okay, we all know that abs are “made in the kitchen”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tone up those muscles.

If you really want to strengthen those babies then you have to work them.

So in reality, all sorts of workouts should engage your core if you’re doing them right. And you’ll notice that these moves I’m about to show you, will also work out other parts of your body.

Working multiple large muscle groups is the best way to work out because you’re essentially getting more bang for your buck.

So if you’re doing a decent workout program, you’re going to feel it in a number of places.

But you may want to specifically work your core even more. After all, having abs can actually improve lots of things like your posture, and your back, your performance in other exercises.

Having a strong core means your overall fitness will be more well-rounded. Who doesn’t want that? It just helps the muscle groups work together so you can get stronger.

As a runner, I know how important it is to keep a strong core, it truly is a great source of power when you’re pushing through movements. So here are some exercises to build a strong core!

Full Reach Sit Ups
Check out this awesome workout from my friend Trainer Lindsey! Laying on the floor raise your hands above your head. And engaging your core, bring your arms over and touch your toes. Repeat.

Raise your legs 90 degrees and then raising your shoulders off the ground wave your arms up and down.

Full Toe Touch Crunches
Hold your legs up and raise your arms above your head and engaging your core, raise them up towards your feet.

Crunch Hold w/ Leg Lifts
Holding a crunch position with your upper body, then move your legs up and down.

Do each move for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds before moving on the next move.

Rest for one minute after you’ve done all four exercises. Repeat 2-3 times through! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZoyizhFGPO/?hl=en&taken-by=trainerlindsey

Ball Crunches
Laying on a ball with your hands behind your head, lift and engage core as you crunch.

Low Plank Twists
Get into low plank placing your forearms on the mat. Then twist your hips bringing one side down towards the ground.

Single Leg Toe Touch
Laying flat on the ground raise one arm out straight above your head. Raise that arm and opposite leg so that they meet in the middle. Your shoulders should be coming off the mat. For an added push add a 5-10 lb weight.

Ball Tuck
Get into high plank then put one foot at a time on the ball. Placing your feet together on the ball tuck it in using your core to pull your legs in, while still keeping your feet on the ball.

Here is a super simple yet super effective (think abs on ?) core workout you can do from the comfort of your own home! Only a stability ball is needed!

Do each move for 60 seconds and then rest for 1-2 minutes.
Repeat the ab circuit 3x total!

Grab some Paper Plates and do this Core Cruncher!

Knees In
Bring your knees in towards your chest and then back out again.

Butterfly Out
Bring your legs in towards your chest then bring them out wider and circle them back to plank position.

Butterfly In
Doing the same movement start in plank then go wide then bring your legs into a tuck and back.

Bring your feet in keeping your legs straight.

Staying in plank, widen your legs then bring them back in.
Do three sets 3 of 20 Reps!

Knee-In Sit-Ups
Keeping your legs and upper body off the floor the entire time, bring one leg in lifting your chest towards your the thigh at the same time. Then lower upper body and leg at the same time.

Toe Tap Sit-Ups
Laying flat on the ground raise one arm out straight above your head. Raise that arm and opposite leg so that they meet in the middle. Your shoulders should be coming off the mat. For an added push add a 5-10 lb weight.

Knee Pull-In
Keeping your shoulders off your mat, bring one knee in and squeeze towards you.

Toe Tap
Laying down kick legs up one at a time keeping your shoulders off the ground. Then take one arm and reach towards opposite leg.

Putting hands behind head take one elbow towards opposite knee.

Do each Ab 20x each. 3-5 Rounds and feel the BURN!

Sit-Up/Wall Throws
Hold a medicine ball above head then doing a sit-up (keeping ball overhead), when you are up, throw the ball at the wall.

Side to Side Ball Slams
Keeping your upper body at an angle, knees bent, and heels on the ground; take the medicine ball and hit it on the ground on each side.

Toe Taps
Put your legs straight up (90-degree angle with hips). Take the medicine ball and bring it up towards your toes.

Out & Ins (touch the top of your feet)
Hold ball above your head with legs extended then bring legs and ball in towards you.

3-5 Rounds. 20 Reps Each. Do them all then take a little break before you REPEAT!


Again these moves are great for strengthening that core! Just wait for the next day, you’ll be feeling it. I apologize in advance. But don’t worry you won’t be having any regrets about getting this workout done!

Having a strong core is essential for your overall wellness. It helps you to get the results you want not only for your tummy but for all your fitness goals. That’s because most exercises require core engagement.

Well now that you know the best moves go out and try them! And if you’re wanting something more go ahead and check out our free 15 day challenges!

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Kristi Monks

Kristi Monks

Triathlon & Running Coach

Kristi Monks is a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach and RCAA Certified Running Coach. She has competed in several marathons and triathlons, including the 2015 Kona Ironman and the Boston Marathon.

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