10 Tips To Feel Slimmer By the Morning

Written by: Faith B (Instagram

We all know that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

Long-term weight loss is achieved over time, but did you know there are steps you can take to look and feel slimmer by tomorrow morning?

Implementing these tips and tricks into your everyday life will not only have you feeling slimmer by tomorrow, but they will also help keep off that excess weight long term!

Let’s get started!

10 Tips to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow

1. Drink More Water

We have all been told to drink more water, but do you know its benefits? Drinking more water helps your body flush out toxins and excess salt.

This prevents our bodies from retaining water and reduces bloating, which in turn, causes us to feel slimmer.

Water also helps us feel more full so we are less likely to start snacking!

2. Eat more Slowly 

When we eat quickly, we increase our risk of swallowing excess air which can cause bloating. Take your time chewing your food to not only avoid swallowing excess air but to also feel full quicker.

If you feel fuller sooner, you are less likely to eat excess calories.

When we eat quickly, we often don’t feel full right away and continue to keep eating. Try to stop eating once you feel full, not until the food is all gone.

3. Portion Control 

Healthy food

It’s easy to fill your plate up at dinner time, hoping to come close to a serving size.

While measuring out your food can be time-consuming, it can also save you from consuming excess calories. 

It’s easy to eyeball portions, but you’d be surprised at just how small or big some portions are. Take the extra time to measure it out and stay on track with your goals!

4. Avoid Gum And Straws 

Just like eating too quickly, chewing gum or drinking through a straw can cause you to swallow more air.

We often use gum as a tool to fight cravings, but try replacing gum with a mint to avoid taking in excess air. Staying clear of these two things can help you feel slimmer. 

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5. Avoid Late Night Snacking 

While it’s tempting to snack late at night, you want to avoid this as much as possible.

When cravings strike, we tend to reach for something to suppress our sugary or salty craving. These types of foods not only lead to bloating but can lead to food being stored while we’re sleeping.

6. Don’t Overdo It With Dairy 

While dairy is typically suggested in a healthy diet, it can leave us feeling bloated. Around 75% of the population has some degree of lactose intolerance.

Lactose is the sugar found in dairy, and our stomach often has a hard time digesting it. The enzyme Lactase is found in our small intestine and is what breaks down lactose.

Most people don’t produce enough of this to be able to break down the amount of lactose we consume. This leads to having abdominal pain, cramping and bloating. Some foods to try to limit are cow’s milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt.

7. Skip The Cocktail And Dessert 

While drinks and desserts can improve our mood, they can also expand our waistline. Opt out of the high-calorie, high-sugar dessert and replace it with fruit instead.

Drinking adds empty calories, but it can often lead to poor eating choices as well. Alcohol not only increases our appetite, but it often has us craving fried foods.

When we drink, our mental state can be altered, and we are less likely to consider the effects of poor food choices.

8. HIIT It 

It’s no secret that working out will help you feel slimmer, but doing a HIIT workout can help you burn more calories in less time. HIIT training gives you a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours, allowing you to burn calories long after the workout is over.

Most HIIT workouts can be down in less than 30 minutes while packing a punch. Take on a 30 minute HIIT workout to maximize your gym session.

To learn more about HIIT training, check out what Trainer Lindsey has to say here!

9. Eat More Fiber

Healthy dinner recipes

There are many benefits to having a diet rich in fiber. Fiber not only helps us feel fuller longer, but it gets your digestive system moving and helps to avoid constipation.

On average, you should aim for 20 – 25 grams of fiber daily.

Fiber-packed snacks to add to your diet:
  • Air Popped Popcorn
  • Almonds
  • Apples
  • Avocado
  • Oranges
  • Raspberries
  • Rolled Oats
  • Sweet Potatoes

10. Get Enough Sleep 

While it might not always be possible, aiming for 7 – 8 hours of sleep at night can actually help you feel slimmer by the morning.

Getting enough sleep helps regulate your metabolism and prepares you to conquer the day!

Tying It All Together

Everyone wants to feel slimmer, so what are you willing to change to make that happen?

By applying a few of these changes to your daily routine you will not only feel slimmer by the morning, but they will be key factors to overall weight loss!

Combining all of these 10 tips to feel slimmer on a regular basis will help you start making healthy habits that provide you with long-term results!

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