1. Jenee Martin

    I was sold at hair skin and nails. I’ve been taking supplements for this very reason.

  2. Marisela Retana

    Hi I wanted to know which one is good for burning fat and Protein at the same time

    1. Devin Olsen

      Hi Marisela 🙂 It’s super important to get enough protein when you’re trying to lose fat, and if you’re looking for a great fat burning supplement you might want to check out our IdealLean Burner! You can find it here!

      1. Laura

        What if you are already menopause (at a very early age mid-40s). It seems to me protein intake -as you are suggesting —might not be enough. What additional diet /excercise:/ suplements you have to be taken if you are already menaupose at a very young age?

        1. Devin Olsen

          Good question Laura! I suggest speaking to a doctor or healthcare professional, as they would likely be able to provide a more thorough and specific answer for your situation 🙂

  3. Leigh Andrea

    Great article, I had no idea protein had some many benefits as in school we were taught Protein is for muscles and that is pretty much it. So I spent all this time believing it was mainly something for bodybuilders to worry about consuming protein and I just needed to worry about fat and calories. Now I have some IdealLean Protein powder arriving tomorrow and I start the 15-day challenge today. Looking forward too it.

  4. Nancy c grados

    Omg I love the exercises, I started this challenge this past Monday.

  5. Beverly

    I absolutely agree with the protein aspect! How long can I stay on this plan? Is it for life? Or just for the 15 days and then should I start to eat differently than the plan that is laid out right now?

    1. Christine Sanelli

      You can totally repeat the program if you’d like! As far as the meal plan goes, you could stay on it or change it depending on what your goals are. What I mean is that you could increase your calories if you’ve reached you’re goals and are just trying to maintain. (If your calorie input and output are the same then you’ll maintain your weight) Hopefully that helps!

  6. Karen

    Great info, especially since I’m past menopause and really need to keep a watch on bone health.

  7. Caitlin Peterson

    Hi SJ, so yeah, you can take your BCAAs during your workout, then another time of the day, and we recommend taking your Protein after your workout then when you are needing a high protein snack later on (we recommend twice a day). On non training days, you can take your BCAAs on an empty stomach during the day and you can add incorporate your protein into your meals to meet your macros.

  8. Caitlin Peterson

    Hi! So you want to take your Protein after your workout, some people also take it before. Then you can add it to any other meal to up your protein count. WE recommend taking it 2 times a day.

  9. LNweaver

    That’s a good point that protein enforces the development of muscles and therefore maintains a women’s strength. Women have naturally less muscle mass after all. It may be beneficial to take supplements that support women specifically.

  10. Jeani Johnson

    I agree with your reasons for protein. Right now I am eating your snack for the first time, from the 15 day challenge flush day made from chocolate protein powder and peanut butter. Froze it, then thawed a little before eating. It is SUPER yummy and tastes like a reeses peanut butter cup..

  11. Kasey

    Just now starting, lacked motivation. Just did it with my girls so we are going to do it as a family just a week behind.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Great idea! Working out with others is a great way to get motivated!

  12. Pam

    Hello can I purchase this product somewhere like GNC, Walmart, Target or any other health food store, AND How long do you have to take it for results to take effect

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      When used in relation to working out, protein helps you to build lean muscle and reduce fat tissue. So you should be taking your protein before and after you workout to hold on to lean muscle. And always make sure you are getting enough protein intake a day depending on your activity level as that will also help. Here is a link where you can learn more about how much protein you should be consuming a day: https://idealfit.com/the-complete-guide-to-protein-for-women/

  13. Roxane schenk

    Ordering your meal replacement does that give you all the other things in it that you sake such as this ideal lean protein shake now ? your other products to numerous to even mention I have Mannatech meal replacement for years for two meals and stay full all day and never anything else with maybe occasionally some nuts or raw fruit or veggies and one healthy meal at the end of the day

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Meal replacement shakes and protein shakes are different. Meal replacements contain enough calories, protein, carbs, and fat to replace a meal while protein shakes contain protein but not enough or any fat and carbs. There is protein in the meal replacement shakes but they are not the same, and are used for different purposes.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Protein won’t cause woman to bulk up, it will help to promote lean muscle. But a person who lives a sedentary life doesn’t need as much protein as an active person. While you will still need protein regardless, the amount of protein you should consume a day will differ depending on how active you are. An active person needs four to five times more protein than an inactive person. You should check out this article as it provides some really useful information about protein for women. Here is the link: https://idealfit.com/the-complete-guide-to-protein-for-women/

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      I’m assuming you are talking about IdealLean Protein? And yes, Trainer Lindsey actually drinks a protein shake at 8:00 p.m. at night.

  14. Shari

    How much protein from shakes is the daily amt for a 58 year old 165 lbs not very active exercise wise. I might do one of your workouts twice a week

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