1. Natalie

    Hello there! I just wanted to know who’s the blond girl doing yoga with turquoise pants on the 4th picture? thanks in advance!

  2. Anna Cesnjevar

    Wonderful! I love things like this. Coconut oil is already a fave for me. I make a lot of my own scrubs and such for skin care. I, like you said, value knowing what goes into it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wendy

    I’ve heard some say that if you are not working out you shouldn’t consume as much protein, is that right and why? Does it turn to fat?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      We recommend that active women get about 1 gram of protein per pound of body fat. So if you’re not working out or if you’re less active you don’t need as much protein. If you’re eating excess calories, whether that’s in the form of carbs or protein or fat, you’ll end up storing them as fat. So as long as you’re eating the right amount of calories you should be fine.

  4. Nicole

    Hi there
    I am currently take a vegan based protein now. I am interested in this whey protein just not sure if it will make my stomach hurt.
    Is there a way to get a sample?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Yeah, totally! Here’s a link to get samples of all 4 flavors: https:// idealfit-thg.eu-west-1.elasticbeanstalk.com/product/3-ideallean-protein-packs-bottle-protein-recipe-ebook-bundle-free-shipping/

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