1. Emily Ciaravino

    I have started the keto diet and haven’t found as much success as with your challenges. Is there a way to incorporate the products and challenges into a keto based diet? The additional benefits to keto are what I am most interested in (good for anxiety, depression, energy, etc.)

    1. Devin Olsen

      Hi Emily 🙂 Our products and challenges haven’t been designed with the keto diet in mind, and for best results, we suggest following them as closely as possible. However, you can certainly make any nutritional adjustments you’d like during the challenges!

  2. Romi

    Hi Caitlin My Fiance just bought me like 4 packs of whey protein powder and I am worried that it will make me gain weight. I am trying to loose weight for our wedding. I work out but not as much as I would like some times 2-4 times a week. I was considering using the powder just to replace my dinner since I never have enough time to make a good meal before 10 at night. And I know eating that late is bad. Do you have any advice? I am new to all of this.

    1. Christine Sanelli

      Hey Romi, congrats on your wedding! Whey protein shouldn’t make you gain. Something to think about if you’re trying to lose weight, is that you should pay attention to how many calories you are taking in! Just make sure you are burning more calories than you are eating. Also, if you don’t have time for dinner then a shake could definitely be a good option! Hope that helps!

  3. Heather Huffman

    HI, I bought the sample packets and it came with a free shaker bottle. There wasnt any instructions with the bottle. I dont know what all the pieces are for. I put water and the protein powder together, but it was gritty, and gross. Next time I used the protein powder and made a smoothie w/yogurt and fruit. But Id love to know how to use the shaker bottle (and all the pieces!)!! Thank U!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      So the bottom part is so you can put in protein, snacks, etc. Then you just want to make sure to put the clear part in the shaker when you shake it up. And shake it really good! What pieces are you confused about?

      1. Dee Kelley

        I’m Coinfused too!! There’s a pink section with no lid but it looks like something screws on it. The bottle has a divider thing which I’m guessing helps mix when you shake it p! Then the small pink and clear container holds the shake mix and on bottom pills or vitamins??

        1. Alyson McDonald

          Hi Dee, the compartments can be used how you like! You can use them to measure out powder, or hold extra powder with you on the go. You can also store your multi-vitamins and supplements in the compartments as well. And the divider helps to mix things up inside the shaker. Hope this helps!

  4. Nimrah Khan

    I love this article and I love how you have been replying to every person. Thank you for being so active, literally! Just irderes my ideal shake samples, can’t wait to try them!!!!

  5. Lisa thornton

    I guess I’m a little confused on this 3 step process. I’m 50 years old and looking to tone, not necessarily lose weight due to I’m 5’9″ weighing 145, but I need to desperately tone, my skin is sagging mostly on my legs. I workout maybe 3 times a month but do a lot of walking. Would you recommend the protein shake, meal replacement, ideal lean protein, ideal shake, im confused on all that you offer and don’t want to buy unnecessary stuff. And once purchased do you include something that explains how to use it, so I wouldn’t have to scroll through all the comments to see what you recommend? Sorry for all the questions but if I’m going to do this I want to do it right.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Lisa! With your goals, you’d be a great candidate for our Fit line products, like the protein powder. Toning requires you build lean muscle mass to burn any excess fat you’re trying to get rid of. Continue your regimen of walking, but make strength training a priority. I recommend looking into practicing yoga or doing pilates 3-5 times a week. Yoga especially will give you that sexy muscle tone you’re looking for. The 3 step process is simply referring to how you could turn our whey protein powder into an actual meal, which is a handy trick. For your leg skin, try taking supplements like biotin, collagen, and apply vitamin E to it topically.
      I hope this helped!

    2. Diane

      Following your post. I too am 50 and trying to figure this out. I want to lose weight and ordered the choc. coconut protein not realizing it was not a meal replacement lol. Still waiting for my delivery..

  6. Darlene Cicciarelli

    Can I use unsweetened coconut milk in the ideal meal replacement shakes as a good fat

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That should be fine. It will increase your calories, but not by much.

  7. Bobbi

    Would peanut butter toast be good as pre or post workout snack? And what about rice cake?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Rice cakes and Peanut butter toast would be great post-workout snacks, make sure you have protein as well. It’s important to have a balance of all macros: carbs, fats, and protein, post-workout to replenish your muscles. For pre-workout, have some protein 🙂

  8. Alexandria Ulmer

    I made a shake with milk and it left a gritty bottom that’s brown what is this the shake mix is pina colada.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hey Alexandria, that’s totally normal. When things sit for a bit it starts to settle, that’s just the flavoring.

  9. Jessica

    So when you do your healthy fat, are you supposed to choose one mono AND one poly, or mono OR poly? Thanks so much for the info!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hey Jessica, it really depends where you set your macros, and how much of the fat you put in. But you could definitely just choose one or the other. Just make sure that your macros are where they need to be.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Gabriela, yeah you could! Trainer Lindsey drinks it as a nighttime snack with a tablespoon of peanut butter. 🙂

  10. Amy

    Hello! My shakes have not arrived so I need to improvise. Can I use peanut butter powder and almond milk until they arrive and add fruit if the meal calls for it? Also, is soy sauce and red hot sauce allowed? Thank you

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Amy, so those ingredients are great, but we actually consider peanut butter more of a healthy fat rather than protein. So if you are wanting to turn it into a meal we recommend adding more protein to your shake as well: egg whites, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese are great options. Also are you wondering about hot sauce and soy sauce for a 15 day challenge?

  11. Honey

    Do I need to make the oats soft before adding it into my smoothies?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      You don’t need to, but it will make your shake thicker and a better consistency. Simply put your oats in a cup with water into the fridge for a few hours, and viola! Good to go!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi April! Yes coconut oil is great! For a healthy fat boost you could add a few tablespoons to your smoothie. 🙂

  12. Mary vandergrift

    So for weight loss the meal replacement shake is the way to go? I add fruit and almond milk is that ok?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Mary, yes meal replacement shakes are great for weight loss. And almond milk and fruit is great! If you are turning it into a meal though we also recommend adding a healthy fat to your shake (peanut butter, egg white, yogurt, etc).

      1. Marlane

        Hello there, So for the ideal protein shakes as a meal how much natural peanut butter should be used 1/4 c? And could I do this : oatmeal 1/2 c
        1/2 banana
        Natural peanut butter 1/4 c
        8oz of water or almond milk
        P.S if I were to use coconut oil wouldn’t it leave a lardy oily taste in my mouth??

        1. Caitlin Peterson

          Maybe if you add too much coconut oil, but adding around a tablespoon would be a good amount. 🙂 I would do less than that, maybe only a few tablespoons of peanut butter (since 1/4c has over 300 calories). The rest looks good though. You can also plug those foods into an app like MyFitnessPal to see what your calories and macros look like, because how much you eat, and how much carbs/fat/protein will differ depending on your fitness goals. Check out this post to learn more about macros: http://www.idealfit.com/blog/counting-macros/

  13. Kendall

    Can you add this protein to the Idealshakes to get the extra protein needed? I don’t like to add yogurt or cottage cheese to my shakes.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Kendall, we don’t recommend mixing IdealLean Protein with IdealShake. Have you tried mixing in egg whites? We know it may should a little strange but they are a great source of protein and low in fat and carbs. 🙂

        1. Caitlin Peterson

          Using your protein as a meal replacement? Just because there aren’t any fat or carbs, and a meal should include all three macros (fats, carbs, and protein). IdealLean Protein can be used as a pre- and post-workout meal, and a snack, but we don’t recommend it to replace a whole meal. Or if you add some healthy carbs and fats then you could use it to replace a meal. 🙂

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