1. Kelley

    I ordered the pre workout, the BCAA and the ideal lean fat burner. How would you recommend taking these on a daily basis?

    1. Devin Olsen

      Hi Kelley 🙂 You can take 1 Burner capsule in the morning before breakfast, and then use the pre-workout a few minutes before your workout. The BCAA can be used either before, during, or after your workout depending on personal preference!

  2. Colleen

    I workout fisrt thing in the morning. Can I mix my BCAAs the night before, so it’s ready to go in the morning?

    1. Alyson McDonald

      Great question Colleen! You can definitely pre-make your BCAAs and just stick it in the fridge. Then you can just grab it and go in the morning! You may have to shake it up again since some of the contents may have settled overnight, but it will still taste great!

  3. Jordan

    Unlike other BCAA supplements, IdealLean BCAAs is formulated with additional beneficial amino acids to help you train harder and recover right!

  4. Jennifer S

    For the give away:
    I learned that BCAA’s are essential for muscle recovery. They won’t leave you feeling so sore. You should also drink on an empty stomach or during your workouts. Please pick me I’m in need Of this!

  5. Darleen Leal

    I learned that BCAAs Are essential for muscle recovery and to help with weight loss not only for men yay!

  6. Lorelei

    I learned that “BCAAs” stands for branched-chain amino acids which are amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own so we need to get them through foods and supplements. BCAAs are three amino acids called leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and play an important role in muscle growth and repair. In other words, BCAAs improve our workouts and help us reduce muscle soreness.
    I learned that Ideallean BCAA’s not only offer the benefits of these essential amino acids but also contain fat-loss ingredients like CLA and green tea extract as well as other ingredients that help women enhance their results and recovery. I really want to try Ideallean BCAA’s now!

  7. Sarah K

    BCAAs are three amino acids which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs can not be made within your body, you need outside protein resources. Taking BCAAs helps to maximize your workouts by providing recovery: rebuilding and repairing muscles.

    IdealLean BCAAs comes in a calorie-free powder form that contains fat-loss compounds (like green tea extract). It also has B vitamins to support your body’s natural energy as well as coconut water powder to help you rehydrate.

    Anything to combat that next day(s) soreness is a win for me! I can’t wait to try it!

  8. ginny pyles

    I learned BCAAs are three amino acids that help in the recovery and building of lean muscle.

  9. Marissa Dawkins

    I learned that BCAA consumption before and after training helps reduce the feeling of soreness. Never knew you should take it before and after working out.

  10. Micaela Z

    Being someone who has used BCAAs for over a year now, I always knew that they helped with the muscle soreness but never did I hear about how they help with lean muscle. Lets just say Ill be adding BCAAs on a regular to my program. I really was only using them after really tough lifting sets. But now I know they can be used for so much more.

  11. Chantal Forsyth

    I learned how they can help muscles recover, as well as build long, lean muscle! Exciting!

  12. Chelsea

    The three amino acids in BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They also help with muscle recovery.

  13. Jennifer Nilsen

    I didn’t know it helped build longer, leaner muscles!!! I always thought it was just to help with recovery the next day!! Love my bcaa’s

  14. Christi Kunkle

    I have heard of BCAA’s but never really researched anything about them. I enjoy that somewhat sore feeling a workout provides but have had days where it was a little more than I could bear and actually missed 3 days at the gym because of it. After reading this blog post and learning that utilizing BCAA’s in my daily regimen can greatly reduce muscle soreness and recovery time, I am anxious to try them! I am also intrigued by the added benefit of the fat loss blend that IdealLean BCAAs contain! I am already a huge fan of the protein powder!

  15. Tabitha

    I learned how important the use of. Bcaas are post and pre workout. And how much they help your muscles recover

  16. SammyD

    I would like to try this, but I don’t get too sore anymore. I think I need to step up my game, or try a new challenge. I see some people take the BCAA before and after a work out.. does the BCAA give ya any energy boost?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      The BCAAs aren’t made for energy support; however, we do have options like our Pre-Workout and Stim-Free Pre-Workout. Both help with clean energy enhancement. You can look into them here: https://www.idealfit.com/pre-workout.list
      Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  17. Christine Jarman

    I didn’t know that the body could not produce it’s own BCAAs. I have grown to love them, and appreciate the reduced soreness in my body; no matter how hard the workout is/was.
    I’ve shared with friends and family because they really do work!

  18. Tifini

    I learned that using BCAA’s will help with muscle building because you will be getting the proper amino acids.

  19. Shanelle D.

    I’ve learned to use BCAAs both during AND after working out. It really has minimized muscle soreness for me. I’ve never gone harder or longer working out than I have now. I’m getting better and stronger everyday thanks to your products. Thanks IdealFit!

  20. Deanna

    Such awesome information! I never knew that BCAA’S are the key to preventing sore muscles. I can’t wait to start using them!

  21. Luz D. Feliciano

    ever since I started using your videos to lose weight I learned how to treat my body to healthy foods and to work it out as much as I can. Thank you trainer Trainer Lindsey #idealfit

  22. Talia

    BCAAs are made up of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine!

  23. Makayla

    I love that BCAA’s help with muscle soreness – that’s one thing that can stop someone from continuing their workout program. After reading this, I need to stock up on these!

  24. Allie

    I knew taking BCAAs was an important part of helping muscle soreness and growth, but I didn’t know I could/should take them on off-days too! Would love that IdealFit package! <3

  25. LeeAnna Chapman

    I learned in this blog post what BCAAs stand for– I’ve heard all about them but never knew what the acronym actually stood for!

  26. Susan Conner

    I love that your BCAA’s include CLA. That will help me reach my goals even quicker! I’m so glad one of my friends told me about your products!

  27. Marcy

    I already knew that BCAAs were great for muscles but what I really love is finding out that tgese particular BCAAs also have a fat-burning element in them as well!!! Who doesn’t ❤ that?!?!

  28. Kayla Edwards

    Your body is actually breaking down muscle when you’re working out. Bcaas help to rebuild it into stronger leaner muscle!

  29. Amy Branch

    I was not too knowledgeable of what BCAA’s really were before reading about them on this site several months ago. I have since ordered the product and use it religiously during my bootcamps and strength training routines. I have found that I am not as sore as I normally would be and the recovery seems much quicker. Reading this blog helped reiterate all the positive factors of using this product.

  30. Diane Piri

    I did not realize that BCAA’s also contain a fat loss blend. There might be something to using these!! 🙂

  31. Shonda Gray

    I learned that you can get BCAA through foods you eat but you will also get the extra calories. I have never tried the BCCA’s before.

  32. Cass Jordan

    I learned so much from this article! I have just stared my journey to better my body and have just started learning about supplements and what they do, and this was very informative and not confusing. It was interesting to see how important leucine, isoleucine, and valine are to muscle building, yet they’re not produced within your body. Beyond that, I think it’s really cool that they help improve time and work spent working out AND helps reduce sore muscles!!

  33. Tammy Boswell

    BCAA’s are so good for you! Def use after a workout for any soreness! I’d love to win this!!!

  34. Bethany Ann

    I have been running for the past 5 years. I’ve only really started a lifting routine recently in order to become wedding ready! I just ordered my first protein and preworkout ever from
    Idealfit! I’m so excited to start getting the most from my workouts! In this article I learned that I should really consider ordering some BCAAs because they will help with muscle soreness after a long run! Thanks Idealfit!

  35. nicole wanda

    I learned ” IdealLean BCAAs features a fat-loss blend of special ingredients, including Tonalin CLA and a Green Tea Extract standardized for 50% EGCG. EGCG is a well-researched compound that will help you lose weight!”

  36. Laura Schoolcraft

    I didn’t realize idealfit BCAA’s included additional amino acids to help with weight loss! Such an awesome product that helps me with recovery, keeps me hydrated and helps with weight loss!! Thanks IdealFit for making a dependable product and helping me reach my goals! O and also for great giveaways like this!!!

  37. Salem Poindexter

    As bad as this may sound I had never heard of BCAA’s before this! I had no idea how important they were to your workout routine. I would love to try out this product. This article taught me a lot, thank you!! 🙂

  38. Andria Robins

    I have never heard about BCAAs until lately. I can’t wait to get started on them and see what they do for my body!! I had no idea all the good that comes from them til I read this blog

  39. Stephany

    It helps with muscle soreness, helps build lean muscle, and tastes amazing 😍

  40. Elsy Hernandez

    Loving the information on BCAA. Just began to weight train and man has it been painful. Came across this brand and seems to be just what I need with ingredients that I can actually pronounce. I am truly excited to try it ASAP.

  41. Kalena Harris

    I really found this blog to be very helpful in my understanding of the importance of BCAA’S. I keep telling myself that I’m gonna start taking them because I always heard that it’s good for you when working out but I wasn’t exactly sure why. After reading this I’ve learned that BCAA’s stands for branch chain amino acids which consist of 3 amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. I learned that BCAA’s help with muscle development and muscle soreness. Taking it before and after a workout helps with your performance and your recovery process when the muscles need to be rebuild. I learned that leucine in particular is what helps with muscle-building. Also, the only way to obtain these is from outside protein sources like meat, dairy, legumes, and nuts. I didn’t realize that the ldeallean product of BCAA’S helps with fat loss and includes a green tea extract. EGCG is a compound that help you lose weight. Also, that it includes B vitamins to help keep you healthy and support your body’s natural energy production, and coconut water powder to help you with rehydration.
    I can now start taking BCAA’S knowing exactly what it does for me.

  42. Amber

    I didn’t know that BCAAs were essential! And one of the best sources is dairy products… of course, diary being number two on my stomach’s hate list…
    It was also really interesting reading the other resources you listed that the trials have show that leucine acts like insulin to help regulate protein synthesis in the muscles and that the BCAAs were so effective at reducing muscle soreness!!
    I’m really thinking hard about ordering some BCAAs now!!
    (Of course it would be really nice to win the bundle!;) fingers crossed!)

  43. Nayni

    Thanks for the blog. I gained a great understanding of what BCCA actually mean/are. I enjoy reading this article because it’s so interesting !!

  44. Megan

    I learned what BCCA stands for and that we don’t make them within our body and getting enough can help with muscle soreness

  45. Deborah Reich

    BCAA’s help with muscle soreness while building muscle!! I have experienced this for myself. When I first started the 6 week FBC, my legs were so sore!! Then I added BCAAs to my food plan and then the soreness was noticeably less!! I love IDEAL LEAN products!

  46. Carrie Holladay

    I did not know that doing on BCAAs during your workout would help with fighting workout fatigue!! Awesome!

  47. Danielle Wright

    The article as while was new information for me. I’m just learning about BCAAs and the benefits of them. Ordered my sample pack, can’t wait to try them!

  48. Rachel L Patrick

    I learned that our body doesn’t make these amino acids so we need to get them from food and supplements.

  49. Lisa

    I did not know that dairy provides a higher proteinBCAA content. I didn’t mean know that they were made calorie free either. I just knew they helped with muscle soreness, so reading the blog helped inform me. Would love to try ideal fit!

  50. Bri Bri

    Thanks for this informational blog post Karina!!! 🙂
    I didnt realize that IdealLean BCAAs are different than the others becasue they have a special fat-loss blend that includes Tonalin, CLA, and a Green Tea Extract standardized for 50% EGCG. Also learned that EGCG is a well-researched compound that will help with weight loss. Who knew! I will say…
    Ideal lean BCAAs ARE the best tasting (lately I cant get enough of the green apple). Love it!

  51. Lauren Bull

    I learned that extra consumption of these amino acids actually helps combat sore muscles and helps the body better recover.

  52. Denyse

    Working out breaks down our muscles; consuming BCAA’s helps to rebuild leaner, stronger muscles and also helps to eliminate the soreness that comes along with it.

  53. Nicole Gee

    I learned bcaas are essential to muscle recovery. Before ideallean I knew nothing about bcaas and their benefits.

  54. Kaleena Jensen

    I didn’t know that it was found in foods; so this form is helping from eating it. Smart!

  55. Melissa

    I learned what BCAAs do. I’ve seen the supplements but didn’t know how beneficial they were.

  56. Debbie

    To be honest, I’ve never understood BCAAs, so I learned a lot from this post, including how they affect your training. Thanks for the great information!

  57. Emilie Raetz

    One of the things i learned is BCAAs are three amino acids that play a big role in your body’s daily function and also have a major impact on your results. These three amino acids are classified as leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

    Really want this product!!

  58. Allison Harnett

    I learned a lot from this post! Didn’t realize how BCAAs reduce muscle soreness and help the recovery process to gain stronger leaner muscle! Love ideal lean definitely want to try BCAAs ❤️

  59. Vanessa Baca

    IdealFit giveaway:
    I received this in my e-mail. It was a good blog to read. I worked on toning my body before & never knew how important they were. That when working out the soreness comes from the calories we burned, muscles being broken down, & how BCCAs play an important role for muscle recovery.

  60. Rhonda

    I had heard of bcaa before but didn’t know what it was. Did not know it helps with muscle recovery. It’s good to know ! Would love to win ! Thank you for the information .

  61. Lisa Kinkade

    I am happy to finally know what the acronym BCAA stands for! 🙂 (Branched-chain amino acids) – And thank you for explaining their importance both pre and post work out. I am trying to take the initial work out step and this is great info. I know I will be super sore to start and this looks like it would help out. Thank you.

  62. Nichole Denton

    Excellent article! I didn’t realize that BCAAs had to come from an outside source, and are not made in the body. Thanks for all of the good information!

  63. Ajay jan

    I have been checking out BCAAs. With Idealfit/Ideal fit I found out BCAAs aid in the recovery process by helping build stronger, leaner muscle. I always thought BCAAs, CLA etc were for serious muscular bodybuilders. I didn’t think it could be for me an
    Idealfit neo-fight. Woo hoo go me!
    Sent from my iPad

  64. Andrea F

    I learned that BCAAs help with preventing extreme muscle soreness from a heavy weightlifting session. This is great news! I just recently got into taking BCAAs and did not know that they had this benefit as well.

  65. Shelyn Gibb

    I learned that you need BCAA’s for muscle soreness and fatigue. Wish I had some now. Would love to try it.

  66. Angela

    Although it makes perfect sense, it never occurred to me that iur bodies don’t produce BCAAs and we need to obtain them from outside sources. Very interesting.

  67. Kelsey

    Prior to this article I wasn’t familiar with BCAAs at all. I just recently started working out and trying to eat healthier to make a change in my life and I’m currently trying to do research to become more educated on how to best reach my results. I learned that BCAAs are gained through outside foods and your body can’t create them on its own but are needed to help build muscle. This seems like a must need product to reach my fitness goals!

  68. Jessie Upchurch

    I have learned how awesome BCAAs are and how important they are in making the progress I definitely am trying to make. BCAAs end a key ingredient in fitness!! It helps with muscle soreness and lean muscle building. BCAAs help with recovery as well!

  69. Debbie kring

    Wow I learned so much from this article! I didn’t know that muscle soreness could be reduced by taking in the proper amino acids or that they were essential. I’m excited to introduce this into my fault routine!!

  70. Alanna Duncan

    I didn’t know that Ideal fit BCAAs features a fat-loss blend of special ingredients, including Tonalin CLA and a Green Tea Extract standardized for 50% EGCG. I love this product so much!

  71. Casey Miller

    The blog was very helpful! I often see posts that state how BCAA’s can be helpful to any fitness routine, but now I know how. It’s interesting how taking BCAAs can be useful for muscle soreness.

  72. Tia Shank

    WOW! I really enjoyed this article! I did not know really anything at all about BCAA’s. One thing I learnt that I found especially interesting was that they helped to reduce muscle soreness. That would be wonderful as I am usually quite sore despite stretching to try to help combat the pain. I would love to win this to try these! If it helps I will certainly be adding them to my fitness regimen. Thanks for the great info!! 🙂

  73. jaqueline alanis

    I always knew I was missing something…when I read this article it gave me the hope I needed. I have been trying to gain muscle but I always ended up fatiging my muscles and soreness was always there. So this article just explained everything I needed to know to start fresh!!!

  74. samantha martin

    wow i learned a lot! i had always assumed BCAA’s didnt really do anything for you lol! im most interested in the “BCAA leucine, in particular, has been shown to be directly involved in muscle development.” thanks for the education!!

  75. Rachel

    I have recently heard a lot about the importance of BCAAs. Upon reading, I learned that they are essential amino acids that your body can only get from certain foods or supplements.

  76. Eliana Calderon

    I love this blog because it really shows the diversity of bodies and how to stay healthy! it also has very helpful content and amazing resources.

  77. Jessica Van Horn

    I didn’t know that essential nutrients meant that you had to get them from outside sources. Love the idea of not being too sore for my next workout with using BCAA

  78. Alyssa Lou Hamman

    BCAAs help to promote protein synthesis, which helps your muscles rebuild faster with less soreness. Powdered coconut water is added to ideal lean BCAAs to replenish electrolytes while rehydrating.

  79. Jordan Cooper

    Who knew!!! I know that BCAA’s were amino acids but I had no idea where they came from and that you had to eat sooo many calories to get them. I was always interested in taking BCAA’s but I didn’t know the benefits! Now I do! And to know they added workout enhancing and fat burning ingredients I REALLY WANNA try them. I hope I win!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  80. Shelby

    Would love to win this bundle mainly because I am a college student trying to get into shape and cannot afford BCAA’s. Really love this company and products and it would mean a lot to me if I won!

  81. Kaitlyn Miller

    I learned that bcaas help build lean muscle. Love my mocha latte one and will be drinking with every workout now.

  82. Allie Kessel

    I love that the idealfit BCAAS have no calories but can do so much to improve your training and results! And super tasty?! I’m in! 🙂

  83. Bridget

    I loved this post. And believe also that it’s super important to make sure that BCAA’s are paired with exercise and a properly balanced diet to see the best and healthiest results. I totally agree! 😊

  84. Dani

    Interesting to learn the different compositions of water in our bodies in men compared to women. Also the importance of amino acids in our recovery phase. Interesting articles.

  85. Heather

    I haven’t ever looked into BCAAs or even heard about them much until I started the challenge but it’s definitely something I will look into. I currently use pre-workout but I would love to have something for the soreness.

  86. Taylor Anderson

    I think its cool to learn that BCAAs are three amino acids that play a big role in bodys daily function. These three amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

  87. Jenni

    Just learning much of this. The importance of BCAAs is new to me and this article is a piece of the puzzle in helpingredients me identify the what, why, and how’s of it all.

  88. Tawnya

    I did not realize, until reading this article, that your body cannot create these 3 amino acids and that the only way to get them is from food and/or supplements. I have tried both the orange paradise & kiwi strawberry flavors. They are very delicious. I’m planning on ordering the lemonade one next!

  89. Carole Perkins

    Very interesting. I`d be interested to see how it would help my hamstring tightness during a run. I’d love to give it a try! I don’t perform well when restricted with the discomfort.

  90. Cristine Harper

    I have been taking ideal BCAAs for about 6 months now and I can tell such a huge difference in the way I feel after my workouts. I am not sore as often and I am building lean muscle just like the article says. I’m obsessed with your products and tell all my friends to use them!

  91. Robin M

    I had heard about BCAAs from other people at my gym, and decided to give these a try in the multi pack recently. After reading this now after the fact, I learned that this mix includes extras like coconut water powder for rehydration and fat burners too. Such a great product, and tastes good too! Idefinitely recommend it!

  92. Kim

    I’ve been using IdealLean BCAA now for at least six months as my workout soreness was getting in my way of advancing, now I can enjoy my workouts without worrying how sore I might be. What I did not realize until reading this blog is that it also has the additional fat-loss compounds. Thank you for another amazing supplement.

  93. Cheryl Roth

    Love Idealfit products! I did not know that BCAAs are essential amino acids your body can only get from either our diet or supplements. They play a big role in the muscle-building and energy department, and this means they will play an important part in your workout performance and recovery.

    Getting sufficient amounts of BCAAs will help you reach your goals by ensuring you are not deficient and that your body has everything it needs to rebuild and repair your muscles.

    The idealfit BCAA’s are amazing. Absolutely ❤️ Them.

  94. Bridget Prasnicki

    IdealLean BCAAs include Tonalin CLA and a Green Tea Extract. I have heard plant people say drinking Green Tea is good for you but I don’t like it. This is perfect!

    There is also 0 carbs, fat and sugar in IdealLean BCAA!!

  95. Katelyn Schaeffer

    I learned from reading this article how essential BCAAS are. I knew they helped with muscle soreness but I wasn’t aware about the 2:1:1 Ratio that is so important in recovery and muscle repair. I workout almost everyday, and there is no way I am getting enough BCAAS in the food I am eating while in a cut. I think BCAAS are a necessary product while training hard, it helps lean you out, recover, and give your muscles fuel so you don’t get hurt. I know I will be drinking my Ideal BCAAS all day long if I win the stack 🙂

  96. Casey Gilbert

    BCAAs are more than just a supplement, they help with the recovery of your muscles and help you achieve the goals that you want, they also have an advantage of helping with weightloss.. Im just trying to start to actually work towards what i want with my health and body and i would love to win!

  97. Angie

    BCAAS have essential amino acids that help your muscles recover faster after a hard work out.

  98. Stephanie

    I recently bought the mocha latte BCAA’s. I’ve been using them during my workouts and on rest days as well. I knew they were awesome for muscle soreness and building lean muscle but the amount of energy I get is awesome! I seriously will never go without them and the Taste is amazing! In. Love. 😍

  99. Jeanne DeValk

    I am new to all of this. Am starting the 15 day challenge. I think I am going to take that challenge and then slowly add to what I am doing. I have the shakes/protein drinks to start so I am going to go slow and build as I go.

  100. Laurs

    Great article. I didn’t know you could take bcaas before and during workouts. I do feel they help with soreness if you take consistently. I usually take another brand but I’m going to trt the raspberry lemonade here. I love the chocolate brownie and French vanilla protein powders. Day 6 of 2 week challenge lost 7 lbs and the food is delish. Would love more meal plans

  101. Angela Adams

    One thing I learned from this blog post is that BCAA consumption before AND after training is important.

  102. Annie Pulcini

    I didn’t realize we had to get BCAAs from diet or supplements. How do you know if you’re getting enough from diet?

  103. Hannah

    This post taugt me that BCAAs help with muscle soreness. I’ve tried the sample of BCAAs at the same time I started the 15 day challenge. After each workout, where I drank the BCAAs, I thought “man I’m not sure at all maybe I didn’t push myself.” After the trial packs were gone I started to get more and more sore. Now I know the BCAAs were the magic helping me stick to my routine!!! I will be buying more ASAP!

  104. Ashley Shaffer

    I have problems with chronic fatigue and had no idea these also included B vitamins to assist with my body’s natural energy production. I have only bought the sample pack so far and did notice a difference in how I felt during my workout.

  105. Laurs

    Bcaas help rebuild muscle and minimize soreness from workouts I need that.

  106. Brittany K

    So I thought I posted already but I don’t see it up here. What I learned about BCAAs is how the help with toning and energizing and keeping you from feeling that muscle fatigue after a good workout. They can’t be made within the body so they have to be supplemented either in one’s diet or by most commonly a powder supplement. I’ve been working out harder and with other idealfit products, these are a great addition!

  107. Kayla Whitley

    I found it interesting that our bodies do not produce the BCAAs leucine, isoluecine, and valine. They have to be obtained through outside sources and help the body as it rebuilds muscle.

  108. Morgan Roberts

    I had no idea IdealLean BCAA’s had so much stuff in them to help with weight loss, energy and rehydration! No wonder they’re so good!

  109. Donna Herrera

    I always enjoy reading the ideal fit blogs but did not realize natural amino acids that the BCAA powder is made from can be found in dairy!🐮🧀🥛

  110. Cassandra Miller

    I learned BCAAs can help combat muscle soreness! 👏🏼

  111. Chelsea

    I purchased BCAAs when I started my first challenge not really knowing WHY I needed them, just that they were helpful in recovery. What is truely awesome about Ideal Fit’s brand is while they give you many benefits to achieving your goals with your fitness journey, they also were sneaky and gave us women a bonus of a unique weight loss blend which combines CLAs and green tea (both of which are AWESOME for weight loss and sweet tooth cravings!). I’m so glad I found IDEAL FIT!

  112. Donna Foster

    This was incredibly informative!! It explains why I cannot get the results I’ve been working so “painfully” for! Thank you

  113. Carole D

    BCAA’s are essentials to recovery from muscle soreness. Our bodies can not produce them so you need to get them from supplements or diet.

  114. Ashley O'Haver

    I have to say I did not know what BCAA’s were really. I like the idea of having my muscle soreness recovery sped up a bit, because that is always the thing that delays my workouts and has me taking more time off in between workouts. I love the flavors of the protein shakes so I bet these flavors would be just as good.

  115. Angelica

    So much to learn… and to think that BCAAs would have helped me reduce my soreness that am feeling right now. Thank you for the info.

  116. Mikalan

    I learned I should have ordered bcaas. Not only does it provide additional B vitamins it also helps with weight loss. I prefer green tea extract to caffeine as well.

  117. Carly Ince

    I did not know that BCAA’s cannot be produced naturally within the body. Great article, very informative and easy to understand!

  118. Kimberle Alexander

    Love ideal BCAAS, they help with combating soreness after a great workout!

  119. Lauren

    I was an athlete all through college and constantly found myself sore for days and my muscles fatigued very quickly through my workouts. I just thought that was part of the deal being a college athlete. However now that I’m done playing I still experience the same thing. So I started doing my own research into types of workouts for the body I wanted and how to get it. Coming across this article about BCAAs has been the best part of my research. It was a shock to me that our bodies don’t produce these amino acids on their own. One of my main goals right now is to build more lean muscle mass so now knowing that leucine can help with that, I will definitely be getting some BCAAs to try!

  120. Mikalan

    Loving my rotein shakes will be ordering bcaas to help with post workout pain

  121. Misty

    I didn’t realize that BCAAS were okay for women until I read this article. I guess I just always thought it was something men took for weight lifting. I had no idea it was used to help with soreness as well. Very informative ☺

  122. Yajaira

    BCAAs helps with muscle recovery and soreness! I’m going to try the IdealFit BCAAs because contains a fat loss formula! This was a great information about these supplements!! Thanks!!

  123. Lindsey Varner

    I’ve never even heard of BCAAs prior to this post! This just shows how much I don’t know, and how insightful this blog can be!! It’s crazy how many different nutrients our bodies need to run well that people just aren’t getting through their diet alone. Thankful for idealfit!

  124. Jewlie

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    This blog very informative I love Lindsey’s program

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  159. Lacy Deom

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  175. Karissa Collins

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  201. Lisa

    I just turned 45 and I have noticed this past year that my body and metabolism have changed..more than I would like. I have been an athlete my entire life and these changes have been a little confusing and discouraging. Your blog gave me hope. I think that BCAAs are just what I need to get back on course. It makes sense because it has taken me longer to recover lately and the changes in my body show that I need to build more muscle. I am very excited to incorporate BCAAs into my life.

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    I’ve started taking the BCAA off and on, but after reading this it will be my go to during workouts! I’ve struggled with soreness, especially if I’ve taken a week or so off, so adding BCAA sounds like a simple way to help my body out. Also, I didn’t realize that dairy was such a good resource for BCAA!

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  232. Patricia Williams

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    I’ve never used BCAAs before but after reading this blog, I think I am going to. I didn’t know that anything other than bananas could help with soreness after a workout. I do like being a little sore because I feel like I had a good work out but it would be nice for the soreness to not be so intense! I also like the idea that I’d be putting something good into my body!!!

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  359. Shanna

    Interesting read. I’m curious if physiologically there is a difference in how the body processes BCAA from food sources vs supplementation. My diet is already pretty full of foods that have BCAAs. Is there a certain point where your body just cannot process more and you excrete the excess? That has always been my main concern when it comes to supplements as they are not a cheap investment…

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    I recently started BCAA but I do workout 6 days a week for a couple of years already. I can definitely can tell the difference. The article confirmed that it was the right decision to take it and I didn’t know that The BCAA leucine, in particular, has been shown to be directly involved in muscle development.
    Your pre-workout and BCAA are the best I tried so far. Thank you for the interesting blog post!

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    I oh e that BACCS will help with the soreness from working out.

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    I learned in reading the post about before and after consumption of BCAA to combat muscle soreness. This is what I have a big problem with. Even though I am just getting back into exercising since having surgery my muscles are often sore for a couple of days with just mild exercise.

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    Good blog overall! Learned lots!

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  476. Beth

    I have just started working out and my body feels like I’ve been run over by a truck! So this would keep me from getting so sore?

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    Thank you for all this info. I have to admit I did not know what BCAAS were. Although I work out loyally and love how it makes me feel.. this appears to be another piece to the pie that makes balance in your diet n workout so so important .. Thank you so much .. 😊

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    Hi lindsay,

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win this bundle as I am going into the 15 day challenge for the second time and learning so much.
    I didn’t take bcaa’s the first time because I never heard of them. but planning on doing the challenge a second time and my husband is doing it with me and we will definitely be using bcaa’s this time.

    I have learned that bcaa’s are essential to your fitness life. Whether what your doing exercise, sports, any active lifestyle. Bcaa’s help provide three essential amino that your body itself does not provide on its own.
    Bcaa’s provide a huge role in our performance and recovery during and after our workouts. We need them..
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    I love that the ideal lean has 0 calories and the ideal lean has a special fat burning blend.

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  486. Debbie

    I did not know that BCAAS combated muscle soreness and fatigue. Now I know. 🙂

  487. Erin Owens

    Loved this blog it actually helped me explain the science behind BCAAs to my husband. How many times a day is too much to drink BCAAs?

  488. Kristin

    Interesting to find out the different foods that help provide you with BCAAs….meats, legumes! Probably need to consume more

  489. Fawn Hendershott

    I LOVE IdealLean BCAAs…I drink them post workout and can definitely tell the difference if I skip a day. This article definitely helped me learn just how important it is to continue to take them not just after a workout, but preworkout too!

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  500. Rebecca Denton

    I have been taking BCAA’s for about 2 months now with but no really understanding how they work. This article really helped me break it all down. I learned that it helps maximize lean muscle, gets nutrition that your body does not produce and that it helps the recovery process so when your might be feeling a little sore your not as sore from your worlout ao you can keep pushing yourself forwards. I waa imprrssed ro learn that Idealean provides vitamin B and green tea extract which really makes me interested in trying Idealean . Thanks so much Lindsay for all your support and motivation and information on property flueing our bodies.

  501. Savannah bateman

    That’s a great article. I believe I’ve read it a few times now. I love my BCAA’s!! I don’t go a day without them!

  502. Madison Page

    Before reading this article, I assumed eating a clean diet, working out regularly, and taking protein powder after a workout was the way to go. I hadn’t even HEARD of BCCA’s, let alone that it’s not a naturally occurring source in our bodies. I look forward to learning more, perhaps purchasing them through idealfit

  503. Becky Peterson

    This had some interesting points to consider in my fitness journey. Muscle soreness can be decreased by taking BCAAs since sometimes our diet doesn’t supply enough of these amino acids. A good supplement to add to my fitness journey would be BCAAs from IDEALFIT!

  504. Chanse Hudson

    I’m started to get back my pre-pregnancy body after having 2 wonderful kids. I never did any of these protein shakes before and never heard of BCAA until now but I’m really interested in trying it. It’s great that it will help with muscle soreness, I have always thought it was just part of working out. It’s awesome to know and amazing that it will help in other areas as well to getting you to your fitness goal.

  505. Kylee Coffin

    I have bought BCAAs before but didn’t really know everything they did until now. I just learned that they help with building muscle, I thought it was just for fat loss and recovery.

  506. Destiny Fairchild

    This is truly all new to me! Who knew?! Wow I’ve learned so much from this article! Absolutely love it

  507. joanna

    This has been helpful on learning why women need BCAAS when we exercise. I am now curious to see if it does help with soreness as it says. Thats something we all battle with!

  508. Amy McGill

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  511. Jen DeVlieger

    BCAAs are essential amino acids your body can only get from either diet or supplements. They also aid in recovery.

  512. Lauryn

    Hi, I learned that BCAAs come from dairy, meat and legumes. My children have 8 different food allergies so our diet lacks dairy and legumes. I’m interested in this bundle to see if it will help me get more BCAAs that may be lacking in my diet.

  513. Carla

    Very interesting article! I had no idea that BCAA’s help repair your muscles and help with soreness. There are some days that it hurt to get out of bed because my legs were so sore! Would love to try this to see if it really does work and curious if it helps with energy levels. Sometimes it so hard to get motivated in the morning. Thanks Lindsey for the great articles that are always posted!

  514. Sarah

    Super informative post! I’ve been researching BCAAs lately and am adding them to my workout/nutrition plan as soon as my first IdealFit order arrives 😉 I lift and run a lot, so I’m glad to learn they will help with muscle fatigue and soreness!

  515. Kimberly Foster

    Reading this Blog helped me to understand that once calories are burned muscles begin to break down causing soreness And muscle Fatigue and in order to prevent this BCAA ‘s are needed. BCAA Is a crucial step in fitness And is needed to maximize hard work-and post-training recovery.

    I found it interesting while reading this blog that BCAA is not made within the body. You need to obtain them through outside protein sources. Although they are not made within the body they do play a major role in the body’s daily functions and have a major impact on one’s results when working out.

    Benefits from using BCAA range from muscle recovery, assistance in muscle building and supplying muscles with the essential nutrients needed.

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    As for this article, I learned that BCAA’s are amino acids that our body doesn’t make naturally, so they need to be consumed through our diet…ex; dairy, meat, supplements…also, I had no idea while we’re exercising that we’re actually breaking down our muscle. And that using diet and supplements, BCAA’s, how crucial that is to their repair.
    Thanks so much for your blogs, challenges and all the encouragement!
    Blessings, Tiffany

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  598. Erin Schmelzer

    I love that this blog broke down BCAAs a bit more. I like to know what exactly everything does that I’m putting into my body. For instance “The BCAA leucine, in particular, has been shown to be directly involved in muscle development.” I always got the that you recover quickly with BCAA but what is actually happening? More science articles like this helps me understand and appreciate supplements more. 😊

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  627. Carri Farrand

    I’m doing trainer Kaytlin’s Fight the Fat 15 day challenge now (I’m on day 20! And I plan to keep going along with added cardio…), and the BCAAs have been a godsend. Thank you!

  628. Melissa

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  630. Diana

    Great post!! I have been confused about BCAAs. When I started my workouts in Feb my local health store told me not to use them but to work on weight loss. In 3 months I lost 11 lbs and lots of inches. My weight scale has stopped moving for 5 weeks now although I did loss over 5 inches. Wonder if now is when I did this in?? I am still sore after workouts but was told it’s cause I am over weight and that is natural….

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