1. Lizzy

    I always start to get into a routine, then stop going to throw gym. Usually because I am so out of shape and feel pathetic! I wish I was more diligent.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Lizzy, I think that’s something we all do. Even though I’ve been exercising for years and years, if I go a few days without going, I’m far more apt to convince myself to take even longer off from exercising. It’s really just a matter of forcing yourself to get back into the groove. It’s hard though, I totally understand that. It helps if you’re really passionate about the type of exercise you’re performing. I think you’re more likely to follow through if you enjoy it.

  2. Angie Greenwell

    Been trying to get back into shape after a injury to my SI joint and it’s been a challenge. I am driven by the fact that I don’t want to experience the pain that I woke up to from that injury, I keep pushing forward and some days I feel like it won’t ever get better, but I am very patient and remind myself now why it is important to stretch and stay in shape.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Angie, have you tried implementing yoga into your regimen? Yoga is gentle on the body, helps build strength, while it can help heal injuries, like your SI joint. I recommend finding a studio near you and start practicing a few times a week. It would help you a lot.

  3. Priscilla

    I am loving the shape that is beginning to emerge. I did not know my body could look like this. I will admit that I am falling in love with my new body. Excercise rocks 😍😍!

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That makes my heart swell. It’s amazing how much change can happen when you exercise and make your diet a priority. Keep it up, girlfriend!!!

  4. Jackie

    I have been working out for three weeks .I need suggestions on a good pre-workout snack I ways drink 16ozs of water before I start to work out ,feel a difference in my clothes but the scales are the same. I also drink 90ozs of water thur out the day .I have cut my carbs almost completely out protein and veggies

  5. Aubrey Fullmer

    I just barely started using the protein and pre work out drink along with the fat burner a couple of months ago. I have always been an active mommy of five kiddos who loves to workout and run crazy marathons… But after adding your supplements and switching up my workout routine a bit..I am actually starting to SEE and feel a difference in my body, mind, and countenance. I am for sure an ideal fit promoter and love all of your stuff!! Thank you thank you!

  6. Lisa

    I have a comment hopefully someone can help. I have crohn’s diease, autoimmune diease, thyroid diease etc..all cause chronic fatigue and my legs hurt really bad any suggestions on how I can get my legs to stop hurting so much?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      I’m so sorry to hear about that, that sounds so painful. Anytime my legs hurt I try a hot bath or rub Mineral Ice on it. I’m not a doctor though, so I might not be the best one to ask, but I’m hoping some ladies on here can help you with that. I hope you get some answers!

      1. Rachel

        Gentle stretching before and after a bruef walk along with elevating your legs can help increase circulation and decrease muscle tightness. Increasing heart rate is also very helpful for stimulation of powerful mood enhancing hormones which also help to decrease circulating nitric oxide that tends to build up from autoimmune diseases. I’m a physical therapist!

      2. Corrine

        Have you tried Australian outback eucalyptus, you roll it on, it works wonders, I heard about it from a friend struggling with cancer.

      3. Myra Schill

        I have lupus. I exercise on my recumbent bike every day . I still stay fatigued because it’s part of the disease. I know how frustrating it is. Pick a time that’s good for you when you feel alive the most and exercise then

        1. McKenzie Pinckney

          I understand lupus is a very prohibitive disease, so I think it’s great you’re finding a way that works best for you so you can still exercise. Keep at it.

    2. Heather

      For me it was the shoes. I bought really good shoes for walking and my calls and shins hurt so bad I couldn’t go very far. I had to buy sketchers with goga matt insoles and instant relief! I could actually walk until I was tired not just because my legs hurt!

    3. Patti

      Where compression stockings during the day. But lotion fur tired achy feet (I buy mine from Avon) and use on your calves whenever you need it. I do mine at bedtime and after a 12 hour shift. Also sometimes the achy is a electrolyte imbalance. Get them checked out with a simple lab draw. Sometimes it is a simple as your potassium always running low. Especially with Crohn’s going to the bathroom a lot depletes that electrolyte. Hopefully this will help.

    4. Rebecca

      Epsom salt baths and regular massages will help. More potassium and magnesium in your diet will help too as well as yoga. Blessings!

    5. Erin

      I also have a lot of autoimmune/a connective tissue disorder/invisible illnesses that cause chronic fatigue and pain in my legs. I went and got orthotics for my shoes and went to a running store to be fit for shoes as well. I also recommend compression during the day and while working out too. I also make sure to stay very hydrated because I’m miserable if not. I do also make sure to stretch and adjust workouts as needed to help alleviate some of the pain.

    6. Cassie

      I have Crohn’s also, the epsom soak baths do help. I’ve tried pickle juice and that helps. I have to move around a lot, too. If I don’t get near my 10,000 steps goal I notice I get the cramps. Drink lots of water, drinks with electrolytes (Gatorade), and mix nuun with water all helps me.

  7. B

    Can you please direct me to some good core/ ab exercises for beginners?
    I’m very active, but I find that area the most difficult to target.

  8. Mary

    I need a pre work without green yea!
    I have allergies to green tea!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Oh I’m sorry to hear that! We will definitely look into making a pre-workout without any!

  9. Lea

    I don’t even give a crap about sweets, very rarely tempted except maybe some chocolate at that time of the month. I eat healthy, real foods, mostly meat, fruit , veggies, cheese and I’m constantly moving, building things, cleaning, taking care of horses, yard work, gardening etc etc. Still I’ve gained about 60 pounds the last few years. I’m overweight now to the point of it making most things harder. I can’t figure it out, I guess I need hormones checked. I’ve always been an active outdoor person.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      I’m sorry Lea, that can be so frustrating. Do you track your meals and snacks during the day (macros)? When you do that you will be able to see what your daily intake of protein, carbs, and fat looks like for the day. If you are wanting to lose weight your protein intake should be higher. Here is a post about macros that you may want to check out: http://www.idealfit.com/blog/counting-macros/ with an example of a meal for Lindsey. You could also look in to taking one of our awesome FREE 15 day challenges which lay out your macros for you to maximize fat burn and help you build lean muscle. Check them out here: http://www.idealfit.com/idealfit-challenges.list. Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

    2. Summer

      Medication can cause this. Also if you get your thyroid checked it has to be 80% shot for the doctors to even notice. You might have adrenal fatigue. Look up how to restore adrenal fatigue. Another thing is (I know this sounds hokey) but talking about your past and childhood and family life and working through it (even if I wasn’t too bad) might help with the weight loss. Good luck and you’re beautiful no matter what.

      Also might want to google NAET treatment or energy work (body code, emotional clearing, etc.). It’s changed lives.

    3. Christie

      Do you have a mirena IUD in by chance? I had a hard time losing weight until I took that out. Or any other birth control with hormones could be affecting your weight. Good luck 🙂

  10. Cherish

    Yes! Tons of laundry! And if not in work clothes, I’m in workout clothes and always have a gym bag in case I have time and see a bridge I want to run 🙂

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes, it’s the worst and the best! Haha and that is awesome, I wish I liked running more. 🙂

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